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Top 5 Insights from the 2023 Global State of Business Analysis Report: Part 1

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect the perspectives of IIBA.
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This year, we changed the format of the IIBA Global State of Business Analysis Report to make it more accessible but no less extensive.

Now split into three distinct parts, the 2023 report explores key areas of the business analysis profession in a bite-sized, digestible way. It allows IIBA members to stay informed, adapt to market shifts, and refine their skills to champion better business outcomes.

Available exclusively to members, the newly released Part 1 provides a panoramic view of topical information and insights that reveal the trajectory of the global business analysis profession. Watch for subsequent parts in this series exploring certification, career development, and the role of business analysis in organizations.

Each year, IIBA sends a survey to the global business analysis community on the nature of their work. The ensuing report tracks demographic and business analysis practice maturity. This year, we collected responses from more than 4,400 professionals, representing 165 countries.

Now that Part 1 of the report is out, let’s look at five of the biggest findings from IIBA’s Global Research.  

1. Earning Power Is Up

One of the key findings from last year’s report was that certified business analysis professionals earn 15% more than their peers. There’s no doubt that certification improves your marketability, your employability, and your earning potential.

But business analysis professionals across the board are seeing a rise in their salaries around the world. The average salary for business analysis professionals increased this year by 4% for both women and men.

In 2022, women earned an average of USD $81,835 and men earned $81,506. Both numbers increased this year, with women and men now earning an average of $85,452 and $84,998, respectively.

2. Consulting and Professional Services Pay Most

Looking for the industry that’ll pay top dollar for your business analysis skills? Look no further.

Consulting and professional services top the list of industries offering the highest salaries for business analysis talent, at an average of USD $92,273. That’s over $7,000 more than the average business analysis professional earns ($84,910).

The next best was the energy and utilities industry, paying an average of $90,916. This is unsurprising, given they were last year’s leader in this category.

3. Advanced Education Is (Still) Valuable

It’s no secret that investing in your post-secondary education is a wise move, whatever your career path is. In business analysis, this seems especially important, with 39% of respondents holding a master's degree.

And there’s proof it pays off down the line, too. The average salary of respondents was USD $84,918 and 77% of them were employed full time.

Education plays a pivotal role in defining career trajectories, influencing professional growth and contributing to overall career success. And with the 25 to 35 age group boasting the most master’s degrees compared to other cohorts, the future is certainly bright for the profession.

4. Americas and the Caribbean Lead the Way

Looking at the regions with the most experienced business analysis professionals sheds some light on the growth patterns of the profession globally.

The Americas and the Caribbean region leads the world in experience, with 25% of professionals boasting over 17 years of expertise. That might not sound like much in isolation, but when you compare it to other regions, it’s clear this part of the world has a big head start.

In Europe, 24% of business analysis professionals have between 6 and 10 years of experience. While in both Africa/Middle East and Asia/Pacific, 28% and 26% respectively have less than two years’ experience.  

5. IIBA Membership Matters

We don’t like to brag, but if the latest report is anything to go by, business analysis professionals are loving the IIBA experience.

Survey respondents were asked if they’d recommend IIBA membership to a friend. The response? A whopping 87% of them said they were likely or very likely to do so. 

Considering that 38% of respondents weren’t even members themselves, that’s definitely a number we can hang our hat on. And 9% growth in member participation compared to last year isn’t too shabby either.

In addition, the average salary of respondents who were IIBA members was USD $88,294—considerably higher than the global average of $84,918.

But Wait…There’s More!

Watch for parts 2 and 3 in this series, as we delve further into essential aspects of the profession—including career development and the pivotal role that business analysis plays within organizations.

IIBA’s Global State of Business Analysis Report is about you, the practising business analysis professional. It provides a broad view of topical information, insights, demographics, and trends that influence business analysis globally.

Each data point serves as a thread, contributing to the rich narrative of the profession. Use them to inform and challenge your thinking on a wide range of business analysis topics.

The full report findings of IIBA’s Global Research are available exclusively through IIBA membership. Members get access to essential tools and resources, including A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide), Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide, IIBA’s KnowledgeHub, whitepapers, educational webinars, and more.

This is just a snapshot of the data we report on in Part 1 of the 2023 Global State of Business Analysis Report. If you’re a member, you can read the full report. Not a member? Join IIBA today to access IIBA’s global research reports and so much more!

About the Author
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Tiffani Iacolino is a Senior Manager,  Product Marketing at IIBA and has 15+ years of marketing experience across the legal, technology, telecommunications, publishing, media, and professional services industries. She’s passionate about delivering meaningful products and solutions to the business analysis community. Hailing from the Greater Toronto Area, she enjoys an amazing cup of coffee, running, and yoga—between chasing her two adorable children!   

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