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The Value of Professional Business Analysis Certifications

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Business analysis certifications can be critical to the career success of those who practice good analysis. Professional certifications can open many doors throughout your career, which is especially important in a when seeking new opportunities. They prove business analysis skills to potential employers, add weight to their resumes, over time help to establish them as industry leaders, and build their peer network. Building a peer network is vital since at least 85 percent of jobs are filled via networking.1 But, these aren’t the only benefits of getting certified. Professional business analysis certifications also have the capacity to significantly increase income potential. This is one of the reasons business analysis professionals choose to pursue them, though it is not the leading reason.

The Value of Professional Business Analysis Certifications


Don’t call it a comeback, getting certified is “in”

According to the IIBA 2020 Salary Survey, IIBA saw a significant increase from April to June (during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic) in those pursuing IIBA’s certifications around the globe. There was nearly a 70 percent increase in the Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA)and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) exams and nearly a 40 percent rise in Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) exams. This is proof that business analysis professionals are taking the downtime they are experiencing during the pandemic to upskill themselves, maximize their earning potential, and create a more fulfilling career.

Business analysis certifications can increase your confidence at work AND boost your salary

The average salary of a business analysis professional in the United States is $104,502. But for those who choose to earn a business analysis certification, this is just the beginning. Business analysis professionals who are certified earn about 13 percent more than their non-certified peers. Also, IIBA’s 2020 global salary survey featuring 5,400 business analysis professionals revealed that 24 percent of participants reported salary increase as one of the top benefits of certification. Of the full group of survey participants, 57 percent held at least one certification. Additionally, 36 percent of respondents were extremely-to-very satisfied with their compensation.

It’s also worth noting that the value of business analysis certifications isn’t just financial. Suzanne Bertschi, Director, Certifications and Program, IIBA, said,

“Eighty-nine percent of certified Business Analysis professionals report increased career satisfaction through greater confidence and fulfillment from getting certified. Greater confidence at work is the leading reason why individuals get credentials.”

 What business analysis certification should you start with?

The demand for business analysis professionals is expected to rise 14 percent by 2024, making business analysis a solid career choice for those who have the aptitude and education to enter the field.2 Professional certifications can advance these individuals’ careers greatly.

While it’s important that business analysis professionals take steps to get certified, it is critical that they choose a certification that will benefit them most. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) offers an array of professional certifications and is the industry’s globally recognized standard in BA certifications. If you are unsure of where to start, consider the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis, IIBA’s foundational business analysis certification.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or experienced professional attaining a business analysis certification is a great way to showcase your skill set. Want more information about IIBA’s professional certifications? Check out IIBA’s FAQs about certification.


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