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The Most Effective Ways to Prepare Your Team for a Customer Experience Transformation

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Preparing your team for a customer experience (CX) transformation is an essential step in pursuing an organizational change in the way your company delivers services to your customers. To help you enable CX transformation, this blog focuses on the three fundamental ways to prepare your team for the CX transformation process.

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1. Share your vision

Sharing your customer experience vision is the first step to prepare your team for a CX transformation. This step includes explaining the need for change, identifying improvements required, and articulating the benefits of change. Use the techniques found in the Communicate Business Analysis Information, 4.4 and Communications Skills, 9.4, BABOK® Guide.

Besides sharing your vision, state the main objectives of the CX transformation process. Ensure that your team clearly understands whether the goal is to change customer experience fundamentally or simply enhance it at the margins. Follow the Business Cases 10.7 in the BABOK® Guide and approaches found in the Agile Extension v2 2.6.1 See the Whole and 2.6.2 Think as a Customer.

2. Explain the transformation process

Once you’ve shared your customer experience vision and your team members know why the changes are necessary, you must explain how the changes are going to happen.

When explaining the transformation process, make sure to cover both the company’s and the customers' perspectives. This means demonstrating how the changes will impact the entire company and each customer segment.

Experts from Ivory Research, assignments writing company, suggest that you can draw a roadmap of what to expect throughout the process to better prepare your team members. For more information see BABOK® Guide 6. Strategy Analysis, 9.5 Interaction Skills, and 10.47 Use Cases and Scenarios and Agile Extension v2 2.6.4 Get Real Using Examples and 2.6.5 Understand What is Doable.

3. Conduct employee assessment

Conducting an employee CX assessment will help you in revising your old policies. Use the insights you get from the employee evaluation surveys to better understand what your team members don’t know about customers and their experiences. Then, develop and enforce new policies concerning the customer-centric culture you ought to enable within your company and the results of employee assessment.

Additionally, you can use the employee feedback to improve onboarding, training, and identify the right tools needed to enable CX transformation.

For guidance to help you with these steps refer to the the BABOK® Guide chapters 3.2 Plan Stakeholder Engagement, 9.1 Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving, and 10.45 Survey or Questionnaire and the Agile Extension chapters 2.6.6 Stimulate Collaboration and Continuous Improvement and 7.11 Purpose Alignment Model.

Final thoughts

Proper integration of the new systems is a fundamental factor many oversee when starting a CX transformation. Up-to-date and relevant analytics will help you implement your customer-centric strategy and help your team members understand what the customers need in real-time.

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