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The Importance of Virtual Networking (and 3 Ways to Do It)

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Networking is essential to your career as a business analyst or other business analysis professional. By networking, you not only strengthen your business connections, but greatly increase your potential for landing a new job if that is what you want.

The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from networking. Here are some ideas for effective virtual networking.


There are many other benefits to networking as a business analysis professional. Here are a few, according to an article by

  • You have access to career advice and support 
  • Your self-confidence might increase 
  • You can get quick answers to career-related questions 
  • You can build your professional reputation

Also, networking makes you more visible in a remote work environment.

Virtual Networking Increases Your Visibility as a Business Analysis Professional  

A contributor to explained that visibility isn't about making an appearance at every event; it is more so about showing others that you are a reliable professional.   
“As you network effectively, you become a familiar face who is easily recognized,” stated the article. “People may want to get to know you, giving you an opportunity to showcase your skills and discuss what you have to offer. Being visible increases the chance you'll stand out as a candidate, especially if you're looking for new job opportunities.” 
Wondering how you can become a familiar face if you choose not to attend in-person networking events? The answer is simple: network online where people can interact with you via web conferencing or simply see your photo. This will increase your visibility in a remote work environment. A benefit of online Chapter events and is that you can connect with professionals from anywhere.

Get Started With Virtual Networking by Becoming Active on LinkedIn

Making new connections on LinkedIn and interacting with them for a few minutes several times a week is the single best way to participate in virtual networking. According to LinkedIn, “93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to research and recruit candidates…when your name is put into a search engine such as google, you have an online personal brand and you are appearing in search results.”  
If you want to increase your job prospects, connect with other business analysis professionals, and build a network quickly, getting active on LinkedIn is a must.

By Helping Others, You Can Maximize Your Virtual Networking Efforts  

One of the best tips for networking is to focus on helping others. For example, when someone reaches out to you with a question, get back to them with an answer quickly. Share your career resources with them if possible. You could offer to mentor a business analysis professional who is young in their career. Or, if a networking contact is helping you with something, let them know it’s alright to reach out for help should they need it in the future.  

Prioritize Virtual Networking in 2022 for a Better Business Year

Other tips for effective virtual networking include keeping your LinkedIn profile updated, starting a blog related to your business analysis practice and sharing it with your peers, and attending or arranging virtual networking events for business analysis professionals.  
IIBA offers different options to connect virtually from online Chapter event listings to joining our LinkedIn Live sessions.  
In what ways will you participate in virtual networking in 2022?

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