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The Importance of the Business Data Analyst Role on a Project Team

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The Business Data Analyst role on a project team is important. Without the Business Data Analyst, the project team is incomplete. Big data is a big deal in 2021, and teams need a professional Data Analyst to help them make sense of the ever-increasing amounts of data they must sift through and decipher on a daily basis. Keep reading to better understand what a Business Data Analyst does and how they serve on a project team, and to find out how you can get your data analysis skills recognized.

The business data analyst role on a project team is critical. Learn how a BDA moves a project forward and how to get recognized for your data analytics skills. 


What Does a Business Data Analyst Do?

A Business Data Analyst often wears many hats. Above all, they are responsible for analyzing business data. They document business and organizational processes and analyze business models. With the information they gather, they make suggestions for helpful technological changes. “In addition, a business data analyst is also responsible for improving the existing process, products, services and software, performing data analysis, and identifying the loopholes that prevail,” explained SimpliLearn

One of the reasons Business Data Analysts are valuable to organizations is because they save companies money by mitigating business problems through data analysis. Additionally, they use their research to grow an organization by expanding its customer base.

The Role of a Business Data Analyst on a Project Team

Business Data Analysts aren’t just helpful to organizations. They also play a critical role on a project team. When they are part of a team, they act as detectives, finding the data the team needs to complete a project successfully. The more skilled the Data Analyst is, the better. This is especially true when it comes to creativity and communication skills. Lucidchart stated,  

“An important part of the data analyst’s job is to translate the data into stories, usually in the form of written reports, visual charts, and graphs. This part of the job requires data analysts to have excellent communication skills because they will have to present their findings clearly to the company’s decision-makers.” 

The role of the Business Data Analyst on a project team also involves managing the database and understanding statistical techniques for analyzing datasets. The position also calls for critical thinking and advanced math skills.  

A skilled Business Data Analyst can make a huge difference on a project team. By investing in competent Data Analysts, organizations can help ensure projects are expertly handled.

Get Recognized for Your Data Analytics Skills  

COVID-19 accelerated the rate of digital transformation. This has created overwhelming amounts of data and could mean the demand for those with data analytics skills will increase in the future. Business Analysis Professionals who possess data analytics skills can prove them to employers by earning the IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics.

Earning the Certification in Business Data Analytics lets employers know you are competent in performing business analysis on analytics initiatives. The certification helps employers seeking these skills identify professionals who possess them. Pursuing the Certification in Business Data Analytics could increase your chances of getting hired and possibly boost your pay in the future, depending on how in-demand data analytics skills become.   

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