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The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Proctoring  

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Online proctoring has a critical role in ensuring the credibility and authenticity of exams and their results. Online proctoring has been around for a while however, the recent market growth can be mainly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote work and education over the past two years.   

Gain the tips you need to achieve the best possible online proctored exam experience.


According to an Insight Partners research study on the online exam proctoring market, it was valued at US$ 354.37 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 1,187.57 million by 2027. At IIBA, we have seen the significant growth of online proctored exams, with 85% of people pursuing IIBA certifications taking online proctored exams.  

What is an Online Proctored Exam?

Simply put, it is an exam that is taken online, using a laptop or desktop computer where a remote proctor or exam supervisor guides a candidate through a secure exam check-in procedure. The proctor checks you in, verifies your identification and checks your workspace and surroundings to ensure they are compliant. The proctor is there with you throughout the exam, can see and hear you and is there to assist from the beginning to the end of the exam.  

Answering Your Questions on Online Proctoring

In a recent webinar, we discussed the “do’s and don’ts” of online proctoring as well as key exam preparation tips and best practices. You can watch the full webinar recording or you can view the presentation slides here.  

Here are the top Q&As from the webinar: 

Q: I have registered with only first and last name (but I have additional middle names on my ID). Would this be considered a discrepancy? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: This would not be considered a discrepancy, as only the first and last names are used for verification. It is important to know though, that the first and last names on your identification must match the first and last names that both IIBA and PSI have on record. If they do not, you must contact IIBA at at least two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. It is very important to resolve this as you will not be admitted to your exam without the proper identification, and will not receive a refund of your test fee. This means you will have to pay the exam fee again, before you can write the exam. 
Q: Is there some way to test my laptop for compatibility before the exam day? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: Yes, you can check your compatibility at any time prior to the exam here: Be sure to check the compatibility on the device and the location at which you will be taking the exam.  
Q: Can I rely only on my laptop camera?  
Dr. Michael White: Yes, if your laptop camera is clear. If you do rely on your laptop camera, you will need to be prepared to pivot your entire laptop to do a scan of the entire testing location. 
Q: Does the proctor need to examine my room/workspace? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: Yes, on the day of the exam, you will be prompted to do four scans in small videos segments, each of which will have a separate page with instructions for you to scan:  

  • The room and workspace 
  • Floor to ceiling 
  • Self 
  • Desk surface  

You will have 15 seconds to complete each but will be able to review and re-do before you upload for the proctor to check. The proctor is looking for prohibited items and will inspect wall hangings, pictures, bookshelves and electronic devices. You will be asked to remove items that could compromise the integrity of the exam and any prohibited items from the room. Read the IIBA® Guide to Online Proctored Exams for full details on what is allowed and what is prohibited. Being prepared ahead of time and knowing what to expect will ensure a positive exam check-in. 
Q: Can you take an IIBA exam on a MacBook? 
Dr. Michael White: Exams may be taken on a MacBook; however, be sure to check your system compatibility here:
Q: Are there any active online discussion forums for IIBA exams? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: There are several IIBA certification groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook, as well study groups may be offered by your local IIBA Chapter.  
Q: Where can candidates find ECBA sample exam questions? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: The IIBA website has a small number of sample exams, with many more available from the IIBA Education Endorsed Programs (EEPs) and from IIBA Chapter Events and Study Groups.  
Dr. Michael White: Along with other Education Endorsed Programs (EEPs), the Business Analysis Doctor provides simulations (mock exams) for various IIBA certifications.  
Q: There is a document on the IIBA website that covers online proctoring? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: Yes, the IIBA Guide to Online Proctored Exams provides a great overview. Read it thoroughly to be prepared and know what to expect.  
Q: Are exam takers allowed to have a multiple monitor setup?  
Isabel Feher-Watters: No, there is only one monitor allowed. The PSI system will detect additional monitors and will ask for it to disconnected and removed, if possible. It is best to prepare for this ahead of time.  
Q: Can I bring a calculator to the CBAP or CCBA exam?  
Dr. Michael White: No. The PSI exam interface has a calculator. 
Q: How far in advance of the exam date do I need to schedule my exam? 
Isabel Feher-Watters: You must schedule your exam at least 48 hours in advance.  


Your Exam, Your Way. 

Online proctored certification exams offer the convenience and flexibility to take your exam securely from the convenience of your home or office. Learn more about IIBA's certification offerings at 



About The Author:
Isabel Feher-Watters

Isabel Feher-Watters is the Certification Programs Manager at IIBA® and has 20+ years' experience building talent and leadership in the workplace through learning, certification, and credentialing programs and practices. She holds a professional certification as a Certified Association Executive (CAE®), Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)™, and a Change Management Registered Practitioner (CMRP®). Isabel is passionate about learning and professional development in the Business Analysis community.


Dr. M White

Dr. Michael White is the founder of The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC, a global and award-winning business analysis training provider. He has been a business analysis practitioner for over a decade. He has driven innovation at some of the top financial institutions in the U.S. and holds a doctorate in Business Administration as well as the CBAP, AAC, CBDA, and CPOA designations.  


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