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The Business Analysis Boogie: Current State, Future State, and the Gap

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In the dynamic world of business analysis, where the rhythm of change never stops, a new dance has emerged to keep professionals on their toes—literally.

The business analysis boogie made its grand debut in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the 2023 Building Business Capability Conference. Boasting a unique blend of creativity and relevance to modern businesses challenges, it captured the attention of the audience.

The dance, which comprises three distinct steps, shares a fun and fresh way that business analysis professionals can look at their work in the era of artificial intelligence (AI).

Ready to hit the dancefloor?

The Birth of the Boogie

The business analysis boogie was unveiled during the conference keynote session, “Navigating the Intersection of AI and Business Analysis Work.” Created by speakers Scott Bennett, Susan Moore, and Fabricio Laguna, the dance explores the possibilities and challenges of business analysis in the age of AI.

It wasn't long before the boogie made it around the world.

At the Festival of Business Analysis in Australia and New Zealand, attendees of “The Future of Business Analysis with Artificial Intelligence” were on their feet doing the dance. Over at IIBA’s Poland Chapter conference in Warsaw, the audience was once again immersed in the rhythm of business analysis.

Regardless of where it was performed, attendees learned the crucial role that business analysis professionals will continue to play.

As AI becomes more prevalent, the need for a human touch in business analysis is more critical than ever. Business analysis can't be replaced by AI and critical thinking still matters. So does decision-making, the very human skill of weighing options and using judgment.

Despite everything that has changed, we’re still in the relationship-building business, after all.

Time to Dance

Want to take the business analysis boogie into your organization? Let’s learn the moves!

BA Boogie.png

  • Step 1: The Current State
The first step of the business analysis boogie is the current state. It involves a thorough examination of the existing business environment. Business analysts take to the dance floor armed with data, documents, and a keen eye for detail. They meticulously study current processes, systems, and organizational structures, moving and grooving to the rhythm of the status quo. This step sets the foundation for understanding the intricacies of the business landscape, ensuring that no nuance is left unexplored.

  • Step 2: The Future State
As the music transitions, so does the dance. The future state propels business analysis professionals into a world of possibilities and innovations. With the insights gained from the current state, analysts look ahead to the ideal future for the business. This step is marked by creativity and strategic thinking as the dance floor transforms into a canvas for mapping out new processes, technologies, and organizational structures. The future state encourages analysts to think big, exploring the boundaries of what could be.

  • Step 3: The Gap
The final piece of the business analysis boogie is the gap. It addresses the space between the current and future states. Business analysis professionals navigate this gap, identifying discrepancies, challenges, and areas for improvement. This step is crucial for devising a roadmap that bridges the divide, guiding the business from its current state to the envisioned future. The gap ensures that the dance is not just a performance but a practical guide for implementing meaningful change.

Watch the business analysis boogie in action.

The business analysis boogie addresses the complexities of modern business analysis with flair. It serves as a reminder that in the evolving landscape of business, adaptability and innovation are key to success. As business analysis professionals embrace the rhythm of the business analysis boogie, they’re not just analyzing—they’re dancing toward a future of limitless possibilities!

If you or your team plan on doing the business analysis boogie and sharing it on social media, tag @IIBA with the hashtags #IIBA and #BusinessAnalysisBoogie.

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About the Authors:
Susan Moore

Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager, IIBA

Scott Bennett

Scott Bennett, Manager, Business Analysis, IIBA

We host Business Analysis Live! to discuss business analysis topics and answer questions from our live audience.  We have a backlog of upcoming topics and we’re happy to take suggestions. Add a comment to one of our videos to suggest a topic you would like us to cover in an upcoming Business Analysis Live!


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