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Surprising Industry Stats


When the International Institute for Business Analysis, IIBA, focuses on certification specializations, it is about industry versus domain specializations in trending areas where the business analysis role is evolving. Where new opportunities are opening up for those looking to move from a more traditional BA role to upskilling themselves to work in new areas and redefined roles.   

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Consider these facts:
  1. Worldwide spending on cybersecurity is forecasted to reach $133.7 billion in 2022. 1
  2. 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. 2
  3. Only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected, on average.3
  4. By 2022, 85% of companies will have adopted big data analytics.4
  5. By 2020, there will be 2.7 million job postings for data science and analytics roles.5
  6. By 2025, the amount of the global datasphere subject to data analysis will grow by a factor of 50 to 5.2 zettabytes.6
  7. According to IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, since 2017, organizations’ use of agile techniques has grown from 50 percent to 71 percent.7

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Business analyst roles can be found in any industry from finance, insurance and information technology to consulting, from human resources and government to public sector, social services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few. The role of the BA continues to evolve as digital transformation and big data change the way organizations work. Upskilling can increase your job satisfaction and boost your performance because, after all, the happier you are the more engaged you are and vice versa.

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Results from IIBA’s 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, shared in the Specialization and Certification infographics reveal:

  • The top five industries that employ BAs
  • The top 5 areas where BAs practice agile
  • The top 6 business functions where digital is performed
  • Top skills and insights about digital transformation, agile, cybersecurity and business data analytics
  • The benefits of certifications on one’s career
  • And more... Download the infographic here

Increase your marketability and employability by ensuring you have the skills employer’s value and be ready to fill skills gaps at your company. One important growing area for those with business analysis skills is in cybersecurity; the opportunities in this field extend across all industries and specialties depending on your area of engagement, from IT to the business side.

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For a snapshot of our 2019 results check out our Specialization and Certification infographics

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