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Stop Underselling Yourself as a Business Analysis Professional

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Have you ever noticed that business analysis professionals tend to undersell themselves? Perhaps you are a business analysis professional who is guilty of this. If this is the case, it’s important that you stop this habit and start showcasing your value. This can help you network and ask for raises and promotions with confidence, as well as build the reputation of the business analysis community.  

Business analysis professionals have a tendency to undersell themselves. They can prove their value this way.


Why a Business Analysis Professional is Valuable to Any Organization

The value of a business analyst or business analysis professional cannot be overstated. A change agent in every way, those who practice analysis can make the difference between an organization thriving or not.  
“A Business Analyst acts as the bridge between business ideas and business capabilities,” stated the blog article Why is the Role of a Business Analyst So Important? “They play an incredibly important role as they help to decipher the future of businesses, by identifying, creating and scoping valuable changes and enhancements to business processes.” 
Those who practice analysis also add value to companies by facilitating digital transformation, translating complex processes during development, and driving change management. Read more about this in our article 3 Reasons Why Companies Are Hiring Business Analysts.

How to Showcase Your Value as a Business Analyst or Other Business Analysis Professional

It’s important that those who practice analysis aren’t shy about their value. They should showcase their value. One way you can do this is to continually point out the need you are fulfilling for an organization. A contributor to the BA Times stated,  
“You need to keep the team and your stakeholders focused on why you are doing the project. When you start a project, suggest the problem statement exercise I described in the article Projects Tend to Be Described in Terms of Solutions or some other technique to make sure you drive back to the real need you are trying to satisfy and how you’ll know when you’ve met that. Then take the output of that exercise and post it where everyone can see it.” 
This will promote better project outcomes and help those you work with see and understand the value you add.  
Also, the quickest, easiest way to prove your worth as a business analyst or other business analysis professional is to consistently mentally review all the things you bring to the table. This will help you remain aware of your strengths, showcase them, and be unapologetic about them.  

Prove Your Value as a Business Analysis Professional with Business Analysis Certifications

One of the best ways to prove your value as a business analysis professional is to earn business analysis certifications. These professional designations indicate to employers that you have the skills and knowledge to do the job you are applying for. IIBA offers many business analysis certifications and certificates, such as the Agile Analysis Certification, Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis, and Certified Business Analysis Professional

Learn more about IIBA’s certifications and certificates and how they can add to your professional value and help increase your confidence.


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