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Share Your Voice in the 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Survey 

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This is the fifth consecutive IIBA global survey. Annually, IIBA reaches out to the global analysis community (both Members and non-Members) to collect insights from business analysis professionals on everything from salary to demographics to top skill sets and certification trends. This year IIBA has made some key changes to make the survey report its most comprehensive yet. 


Share your voice in the 2021 State of Global Business Analysis Survey


  1. We’ve given it a new name to represent the global breadth of information the survey covers – introducing…. the 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Survey! 

  2. We have engaged IIBA community Chapter Leaders to share the survey link with their local Member community to encourage professionals to complete and share the survey with their colleagues to provide deeper insights into trends by geographical region. 

  3. The 2021 survey includes new questions about role maturity to provide a clearer understanding about growth of the role. 

  4. IIBA has also introduced questions about strategic business analysis and Product Ownership Analysis (POA). 

Why should you take the time to participate? 

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Some people may take a little longer and some may answer a little more quickly. The final survey report provides anonymous data-driven analysis and best practices for business analysis professionals around the world. With global participation we can provide regional insights to help professionals and organizations look at salary, role maturity, certification, core competencies, and much more.  

Who can complete the survey? 

The survey is for IIBA Members and non-Members. IIBA wants your help to share the survey link and encourage everyone you know who practices business analysis to spare 15 minutes to complete this especially important survey. Your insights will shape the report into a relevant resource for business analysis professionals and organizations. 

Do you have 15 minutes to fill out this survey? 

Why does business analysis need a “state of the profession” report?

Your anonymous responses will help us gain a clearer understanding of the business analysis role. In last year’s survey 93% of respondents reported that the quality of work delivered by business analysis professionals directly affects the outcome of a project, but less than 60% reported management and senior leadership recognition of the value and understanding of the role. In this year’s survey, IIBA will ask questions to get a better understanding of the maturity of the role in different industries and regions around the world. The final report will provide a synthesis of current practice which professionals can reference when advocating the value of business analysis in their organization and share trending areas of specialization for professional career growth opportunities. 

In a search of “business analysis” on LinkedIn, IIBA found over 23 million professionals state business analysis as a role or skill they use. LinkedIn also found business analysis ranked #6 out of the top 10 hard skills professionals need. Based on this data alone we know how important it is to report on the results of the global business analysis survey. 

What competencies are covered in the survey? 

In the 2021 survey IIBA asks business analysis professionals around the world to rank the skills and competencies they find to be the most important to their work. The survey also looks at the role of business analysis in cybersecurity, agile analysis, business data analytics, digital initiatives, and product ownership analysis. 

How will the survey data be used? 

Your responses are anonymous and confidential. The data you provide will be reported in aggregate with that of other participants. IIBA asks demographic questions to better understand the average age, education level, years of experience, salary, reporting areas, industries, and other important questions.

When does the survey close? 

The survey closes June 4th, and your participation is important. Here’s the link.  

Why does IIBA run an annual global survey? 

The global survey and report provide a recognized benchmark of salary and career trends for business analysis and related analysis professionals.  

How does IIBA report on global results? 

The survey results will appear in a fall 2021 report for members, infographic summaries, and used to guide content supporting the growth of the industry. The report will also include regional break outs from the top countries represented in the survey.  


Share Your Experience

Global State of Business Analysis Survey

This year’s survey invites you to share your experience and have your say. IIBA is looking for your input and invites you to take part in this confidential survey to uncover salary and career trends for business analysis around the world

Global State of Business Analysis Salary Survey