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Share the Love Through IIBA’s Membership Referral Program


The referral program is now closed. Stay tuned for similar exciting promotions and follow us!



IIBA® is launching an exciting new membership referral program. “We’re asking members to refer a friend or colleague to join. In exchange, the member can earn a $20 Vistaprint voucher they can use towards IIBA swag, and for new members IIBA is waiving the activation fee,” said Kevin Legacy, Manager Customer Experience.

This is a win/win for everyone! Members get swag dollars and new members get the activation fee waived plus the priceless value of professional membership. Buzz Marketing asked professionals about joining member-based associations and 92 percent of respondents under 40 years of age believe membership in today’s professional organizations provides strong opportunities for networking and social capital. 77 percent of respondents under 40 years of age, who are not currently a member of a professional organization, plan to join one in the future. So, if you are a current member and have colleagues who haven’t joined yet, now is a great time to espouse the many benefits of joining IIBA.



Joining a professional association offers numerous benefits from coming together with like-minded professionals to exchanging ideas and sharing best practices. There are many reasons people join. Some may be looking to build their professional network and want to connect face-to-face either through joining a local chapter, volunteering or attending conferences. “At Building Business Capability, IIBA’s official conference, we host a members’ reception to help people meet face-to-face and of course attendees are encouraged to stop by our booth during the event to speak with IIBA global as well as Chapter representatives,” said Jared Gorai, Director Chapters and Membership Engagement.

It’s about more than just networking and making personal connections though, you also get an opportunity to learn more about the role of business analysis through webinars, blogs, articles, podcasts and whitepapers. “IIBA supports lifelong learning through relevant content, certifications and IP,” said Kevin. Members are also encouraged to share their insights by volunteering to contribute to developing new IP, write an article or present a webinar. Being active in your professional membership not only provides a platform to help you develop your skills you can also build your resume.

According to PayScale at least 70 percent of jobs are not published. That means networking with BAs already working in the profession could be the key to learning about these opportunities and making those important connections that could lead to you landing your next or even first role. Getting involved with your professional association and making contacts is a great way to stand out. Afterall, you never know when you’ll meet someone who can refer you or is hiring themselves.

Share, make new friends, and earn a great reward! IIBA members get started!

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