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Putting Planning Horizons into Practice



Planning Horizons by Ryland Leyton is one of my favourite podcasts because it digs into the why and how of the three planning horizons found in IIBA’s Agile Extension v2. If you are a Business Analyst (BA) working on an agile team, you know how important your role is, but do others? Your answer will vary depending on whether you work with SCRUM diehards that follow the definition of an agile team (in the Scrum Guide) to the letter as discussed by Angela Wick, BA-Squared, in the blog, Why Every Agile Team Needs a Business Analyst.

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In this podcast, guest Ryland Leyton, CBAP, CSM explains how the rolling planning model, which includes strategy, initiative, and delivery work together to provide a framework for both the big picture and a narrow view of change. Learn how you can use these planning horizons in a rolling approach that lets you respond and react with agility to drive transformation. Proponents of the three planning horizons understand the long-term strategic needs of the business and the more immediate short-term needs of your customer.

Respondents to the 2019 IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey reported that their agile team focuses on long-term results 18-36% of the time. This finding underscores the importance of having a business analyst on your agile team who can bring their understanding of the organizations needs and share recommendations that meet both the short-term and long-term needs to be successful – with agility. Shifting focus to work effectively across all three planning horizons in a rolling manner is key to success for many BAs.

Putting horizons into ongoing practice

Ryland walks listeners through the three planning horizons and explains how BAs can use the horizons to help define their planning and work. Learn how to recognize and adapt to the horizon in which you are involved with and gain insights into how you can apply the concept of horizons across different layers of practices and techniques.

Are you looking for more insight from Ryland? Be sure catch his brand-new book: It's About Your Career!: Skills for a lifetime of loving your work.


Carve out some time in your schedule to listen to this informative podcast. It will make your commute more interesting!

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