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Prepare for the Next Steps in Your Business Analysis Career

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Do you have the business analysis career that you want? If not, you aren’t alone. Business analysis professionals may at times feel uncertain about how to get to their desired career destination. This makes sense when you consider that business analysis is a rapidly developing field that is constantly undergoing changes due in part to digital transformation (not to mention COVID-19). However, this doesn’t mean that those who practice business analysis should feel lost at sea. By becoming an IIBA Member, any analysis professional can feel sure about where they want to go and how to get there. They can also gain the confidence needed to make the right career moves.


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IIBA Membership Gives you Access to the Business Analysis Competency Model

IIBA Membership provides individuals with several helpful career resources intended to help translate your future goals into an immediate, actionable plan. One of the resources IIBA Members have access to is the IIBA Business Analysis Competency Model, which helps take the guesswork out of the business analysis career path. The model is beneficial to those who practice analysis because it assesses their understanding of the foundational skills, tasks, techniques, and personal characteristics that are necessary to perform as a business analyst. This gives analysts awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. With the IIBA Business Analysis Competency Model, those who practice good analysis can confidently plan the next steps of their professional development.

Utilize the Career Action Guide via IIBA Membership

Another perk of IIBA Membership is access to the Career Action Guide. This Member-exclusive guide enables business analysis professionals to unlock their potential by focusing on their career objectives in a series of five steps:

  1. Understand: The Business Analysis Competency Model
  2. Evaluate: Your Business Analysis competencies
  3. Plan: Set goals and determine how to accomplish them
  4. Act: Take action and implement your plan
  5. Review: Review your progress, re-assess, and refine your plan

Following each of these steps will help you to focus in on your career objectives and fast track your professional development to put you on the path to a fulfilling career in business analysis It will also give you a competitive advantage.

“We are a community of professionals, just like you, applying business analysis in our daily roles and looking to one another to push the business analysis profession to the next level.” – IIBA Member 



Additional Benefits of IIBA Membership

The Business Analysis Competency Model and the Career Action Guide are invaluable to analysis professionals who want to advance their career but aren’t sure how or want some additional career support. Annual IIBA Membership provides much more than resources it also connects you with a global community, networking, tools and knowledge - to further your career. Additional benefits of IIBA Membership include:

  • Access to our online library featuring 11,000+ titles
  • Access to member-exclusive webinars
  • Access to PDF publications, articles, industry papers, and reports
  • Opportunities to connect with other members at local or international virtual conferences and Chapter events
  • Savings on globally recognized professional certifications
  • Discounts on conferences and events


Take a moment to learn more about IIBA Membership and how it can help you move toward the future you want.