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Our Most Popular Blogs of the Year


As we celebrate the end of not only another year, but the end of a decade it is a great time to recap our most popular blogs. Take a moment to catch up on content you may have missed; or want to reread!

Top blogs to read from Analyst Catalyst 2019, broken into four categories.


Becoming a Better BA / General Business Analysis Blogs is a good place to start. These blogs cover a broad range of business analysis related topics, advice, insights and tips.

  1. 3 Bad Habits Business Analysts Should Avoid 
  2. BA Apocalypse 
  3. Why Defining the Business Need is Critical?  
  4. The Venting Room – Business Analysis Pet Peeves 

General Interest Blogs discusses event information you can use when planning your conference attendance in the new year.

  1. Record-Breaking BBC 2019 Highlights 
  2. 5 Things You Need to Know Before Attending Your Next Conference 

Career Related Blogs give you useful information and tips to help you stand out in your job search.

  1. Advice for Landing Your First BA Job 
  2. 3 Reasons Why Business Analysts Need Certification 
  3. Expected Growth for Business Analysis Careers 
  4. How to Become the Go-To Business Analyst by Establishing Trust 
  5. How Posting Course Certificates on LinkedIn Can Increase Your Visibility, Support, and Even Lead to Job Opportunities 
  6. 3 Reasons Why Companies are Hiring Business Analysts 
  7. How Organizations Attract and Retain the Best Business Analysts 

Agile Focused Blogs
share useful knowledge and tips for BAs who love agile.

  1. How Are the Skills Needed to be a Strong Agile BA Different Than a Traditional BA?  
  2. Agile Practices in Reality 
  3. 3 Major Trends Transforming the Agile Method in 2019 
  4. Why Every Agile Team Needs a Business Analyst 
  5. The Rise of Agile Analysis 
  6. Sprint Planning Checklist: How to Manage 
  7. Agile Practices in Reality 
  8. How have BA Professionals Adapted to the Agile World? 

I hope the above list of top 21 Analyst Catalyst blogs will be useful to you. If there are topics you would like to read about that we have not covered send us your ideas and submissions to Be sure to check out our recap blogs for a review of our top podcasts and webinars too!