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Most Popular Webinars of 2019


Missed a webinar in 2019? Here’s a recap of our most popular webinars to watch and re-watch! Check out all our archived webinars here.



  1. Innovation in Digital Transformation – The Role of the Business Analyst | Sponsored by Capsifi

    Digital transformation is an exercise in business model innovation. With more and more companies using capability-based-planning and business architecture as the lens through which to execute business model innovation, the role of a BA has never been more relevant. In this webinar Terry Roach, CEO and Founder of Capsifi will explore the role of a Business Analyst in constructing the business model as an enduring strategic asset.

  2. A Fresh & Practical Perspective on Key BA Techniques | Sponsored by Adaptive US
    Business analysis is a vast canvas of techniques. In this webinar LN Mishra, ECBA, CCBA, CBAP, AAC, BA Author, Trainer & President of Adaptive US Inc., introduces improved BA techniques and answer queries on using BA techniques that work in the real world.

  3. How to be an Awesome BA | Sponsored by Adaptive US
    Excellence is a habit. As Business Analysts, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our organization's products, processes and technologies, so how do we develop ourselves? In this webinar, LN Mishra, ECBA, CCBA, CBAP, AAC, BA Author, Trainer & President of Adaptive US Inc., explains the characteristics of an awesome BA, how to excel in different BA skills and shows a structured path to develop oneself to become an awesome BA.

  4. Business Data Analytics: A Decision-Making Paradigm
    By 2022, 85 percent of companies will have adopted big data analytics. In this webinar Ken Fulmer, president and CEO, IIBA explores the relationship of business data analytics to business analysis, emphasizing how organizations can leverage the business data analytics cycle, team structures and required skills, and strategy for business data analytics to increase effective decision-making. It is an introduction to business analysis concepts, activities, tools, techniques, skills and how they're applied when establishing business data analytics capabilities for the organization.

  5. Mapping Business Processes to Compliance Procedures
    As companies define their business objectives, they also need to establish business processes for the regulatory guidelines they will be required to meet, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, or SOX. Corporate legal teams need to validate the business’s compliance against the defined processes, so that they can understand how data flows and how the enterprise architecture helps with compliance to those regulations. Business and technical teams need a way to share the information on corporate objectives and reconcile it to the technical architecture. IDERA’s Kim Brushaber will discuss the challenges faced and how to use business processes for legal compliance.
  6. Skyrocket Your BA Career with Certifications
    Achieving IIBA® certifications has significant impact on a Business Analysts career. IIBA certifications are sought after across all continents and help BA practitioners unlock their potential to a host of career opportunities. Lora McCoy, CBAP, Regional Director, IIBA Central Americas and LN Mishra, ECBA, CCBA, CBAP, AAC, BA Author, Trainer & President of Adaptive US Inc., shares how gaining IIBA certification provides a holistic process on business analysis and trains professionals on various business analysis techniques. She shares tips and tricks, what you should focus on to prepare and resources you can use.

  7. Using Business Analytics to Tell Your Data Story
    There are many players involved with business analytics, from database administrators and developers to data and business analysts. These roles are tasked with making sense of large amounts of data and putting it in useful formats that can help business stakeholders make smart decisions for the organization. For best results, they need to collaborate and communicate across the teams, moving toward a DevOps culture. In this webinar, IDERA's Lisa Waugh explains how these teams can use Aqua Data Studio to access the important business data, create charts and graphs to make the data useful for business decisions, and share the data visualizations across the organization.

  8. An Introduction to Business Data Analytics: A Business Analysis Viewpoint
    Organizations are investing millions of dollars into business data analytics, but many organizations are finding their investments are not always returning the value they expected. Many of these shortfalls are attributed to a core set of issues - many of which are easily addressed with effective business analysis. In this webinar presented by business analysis thought leader Laura Paton, you will learn about the 5 Domains of Business Data Analytics, the core challenges organizations have been struggling with when rolling out their analytics practices, and how the business analyst skill set is ideal for helping organizations address these challenges.

  9. Business Architecture: Strategy Execution’s Secret Webinar | Sponsored by Penn State Smeal
    Aligning strategic objectives and tactical demands is critical to successfully execute your strategy and drive change. Business Architecture can be a powerful facilitator of business strategy execution – if structured, staffed, and positioned correctly in the organization. Dr. Brian Cameron, Associate Dean, Pennsylvania State University explores how to think about and structure business architecture, as well as how to develop a life-long learning strategy for yourself and your staff, in order to effectively facilitate strategy execution.

  10. Are You Prepared for the BA Apocalypse?
    Find out more about how to stay ahead of the BA curve. This webinar discusses the shift for today's BAs with new technologies including Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and how they impact traditional BA roles. Panelists Stefan Bossuwé, CBAP, President IIBA Brussels Chapter; Adrian Reed, CBAP, Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions; Joanne Dong, Founder, JDStream Management Consulting Inc.; and Kevin Brennan, Product Management and Leadership Consultant share beneficial insights, including leveraging technology tools as valuable additions for modern Business Analysis professionals.

  11. The BA Success Formula – The 4 Quadrants of BA Success (IIBA Members-only Webinar)
    Being a BA today is not what it used to be! To be successful you need to embody a mindset, and a unique set of skills that include relationship building, facilitation, and analytical skills. Angela Wick, BA-Squared, LLC and will share her 4 Quadrants of BA Success you need to incorporate to show your value, keep your mindset on track, and deliver amazing results to your team and organization. This process will not only make you stand out, but also set the example for others and have you in demand at your organization!

  12. What You Need to Succeed in the Big Data / AI World: Staying Current and Moving Up the Ladder
    Delivers practical tips and insights for you as you continue to hone your skillsets for your development and career growth. This webinar shares the tools you need to provide value to your organization.
  13. Top 10 User Story Tips (IIBA Members-only webinar)
    Teams are struggling to truly get to small increments that they can get learning and feedback on. In this webinar, Angela Wick, founder of 
    BA-Squared, LLC and will reveal common user story mistakes and offer strategies to avoid them. She covers the top 10 tips to make sure you and your team are on the right track with user stories. Solve your team's pains with estimating, discovering, slicing and getting frequent feedback on feasible stories that delight users. Discover 10 tips to make your user stories great!

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