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Let’s Grow Together as we Celebrate Global Business Analysis Day!  

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Global Business Analysis Day is right around the corner! Join us to celebrate the awesomeness of being a business analysis professional.   
On November 1, 2022, we will be uniting the business analysis community across the globe for a 24-hour free event filled with leading speakers, networking opportunities, recognition ceremonies, and much more! 
This virtual event will start off in the Americas and will move westward as we connect with our Chapters in Australia, India, Africa, and Europe.  


Celebrating Global Business Analysis Day, a 24-hour event filled with leading speakers, networking opportunities and the IIBA Awards ceremony.

The Agenda Includes: 

10a-7p EST (-4 UTC) Nov. 1 - North & South America: Kick off the event with the Global Business Analysis Awards and recognition, plus many keynote speakers. 

10a-4p AEDT (+11 UTC) Nov. 2 - Australia: Recognition and reflection on the path business analysis has taken to make a difference in the Australian ecosystem.  

9:30a-3:30p IST (+5:30 UTC) Nov. 2 - India, Middle East & North Africa: The passionate India community will showcase how business analysis is making a difference for organizations and individuals.  

​​​​​​​10a-3p GMT (+0 UTC) Nov. 2 - Europe & South Africa: Join Thought Leaders as they discuss trends and advances in applied business analysis and bring the event to a close.  

Don’t miss out! Register here.  

A Day to Celebrate and Recognize Business Analysis Excellence 

What a better way to celebrate Global Business Analysis Day than to recognize our community with IIBA’s Annual Awards ceremony. Our Awards recognize the contributions our community leaders make to the advancement of the Business Analysis practice and will be presented during the virtual IIBA Awards Ceremony during Global Business Analysis Day.  
There are three main award categories:

  • Chapter Awards  
  • Volunteer of the Year Awards  
  • Corporate Awards 

The Chapters Awards

IIBA is honoured to recognize Chapters for their dedication and success through our annual Chapter Awards. IIBA is a global association with over 120 Chapters worldwide. The Chapter Awards Program, for which all IIBA chartered Chapters worldwide are eligible, is administered by the IIBA Global Chapter Council (GCC). The Awards allow us to celebrate the achievements of our Chapters and acknowledge those that are leaders and innovators within their Business Analysis communities!  
There are eight subcategories for Chapter awards. To treat each Chapter in an unbiased and transparent manner, specific criteria have been provided to measure the success and determine the Award Finalists and Winners. We’ve aligned the Awards with the Chapter Core Concept Model to highlight areas a Chapter should focus on for success. 

The Finalists for each of the Chapter Awards Categories are: 

  • Business Partner: Australia, Montreal, South Africa  
  • Chapter Sustainability: Ottawa-Outaouais, Research Triangle Park, Vancouver  
  • Community Outreach & Engagement: Bluegrass, Nigeria, Région de Québec  
  • Delivering Membership Value: Albany, Bluegrass, Research Triangle Park  
  • Leadership Excellence: Australia, Birmingham, Kansas City   
  • Marketing Excellence: Greater London Ontario, Phoenix, United Kingdom  
  • Professional Development: Brasil, Brussels, Palmetto   
  • Chapter of the Year: Australia, Research triangle Park, Région de Québec  

Volunteer of the Year Awards 

We have thousands of Volunteers around the world that are serving on local Chapter boards and committees, mentoring fellow Business Analysis professionals, assisting in the writing and translation of IIBA intellectual properties, and even helping to keep our certifications aligned. We are honoured to recognize our Volunteers for their dedication and ongoing contributions to IIBA and to the business analysis profession.  

The Finalists for Volunteers of the Year are being recognized from 8 regions from around the globe.  

  • Global: Koryn Anderson, Jennifer Goodenow, Marlene Baker  
  • India Region: Sanjay Kumar, Parvathi Ramesh, Ramakrishna Penumudi   
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa Region: Filip Hendrickx, Morongwa Golekanye, Wouter Nieuwendburg   
  • Asia Pacific Region: Garrie Irons, Luigi Bini, Abinia Sachithanantham   
  • Americas Western Region: Melinda McLean, Suzanne Brinkman, Holly Zhang   
  • Americas Southeastern Region: Stephanie Hawkins, Aaron Whittenberger, Orlando Guedez  
  • Americas Northeastern Region: Dulce Oliveira, Maria Becera, Steve Jones   
  • Americas Central Region: Tamara Copple, Kat McGill, Ryanne Ward  
  • Lifetime Achievement: for the first time ever, we will be presenting a Lifetime Achievement award to an exceptional individual that has supported IIBA, our Chapters, and the business analysis community for many years.  

Corporate Awards 

IIBA’s Corporate Leadership Excellence in Business Analysis Award recognizes IIBA Corporate Members who have demonstrated leadership excellence in business analysis. We are honored to recognize organizations that have advanced the practice and profession of business analysis within their organizations and have consistently been advocating the value and role of business analysis to their customers, shareholders and business partners.  

The three Corporate Awards categories are: 

  • Leadership Excellence in the Advancement of the Practice of Business Analysis  
  • Leadership Excellence in Business Analysis Advocacy and Corporate Engagement  
  • Leadership Excellence in the Advancement of Professional Development in Business Analysis 

More Ways to Join in and Celebrate Global Business Analysis Day 

Global Business Analysis Day is a time to recognize the role of a business analyst and we cannot forget about all the business analysis professionals within our organizations. Celebrate and acknowledge your colleagues that practice business analysis within your organizations. They contribute to the success of your projects that lead to better business outcomes. 

Ideas to Celebrate and Recognize Business Analysis Professionals

  • Recognize someone who inspires you in your role by sharing your story on social and tagging IIBA 
  • Simply tag your colleagues and post ‘Happy Global Business Analysis Day’ #IIBA #GlobalBusinessAnalysisDay2022 on your social media sites.  
  • Post a photo of your team, local Chapter, or re-post your favorites and include hashtag #GlobalBusinessAnalysisDay2022.  
  • Make a video telling us why you are happy to be in this profession.  
  • Make a video about how business analysis has helped with the success of a project  

And lastly celebrate with IIBA’s Elicitation Cocktail & Mocktail recipe. Share a picture of it and tag @IIBA #GlobalBusinessAnalysisDay2022 on social media!  

Don’t forget to join us for this special event!



About The Author:
Sema Sali

Sema Sali is a business analysis ambassador at IIBA, leveraging the intercept of marketing with business analysis to increase awareness of the value and criticality of business analysis to the success of organizations in today’s complex and disruptive world. She contributes to the growth of IIBA’s ecosystem through marketing efforts of IIBA’s Organizational Programs for Corporate, Academic and Endorsed Education Providers.