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Join our Webinar: How Agile Analysis Drives Business Transformation

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What’s the Relationship Between Business Analysis and Agile?

How do you maximize delivery of business value? How do you enhance organizational learning? This is what we will be discussing in our Fireside Chat on July 8th.


How Agile Analysis Drives Business Transformation. A Fireside Chat with IIBA and the Agile Alliance.


This exclusive webinar marks the first time we have brought IIBA Members together with Agile Alliance Members to explore the relationship between business analysis and Agile. In this candid fireside chat, will include the following guests:

  • Ellen Grove, Interim Managing Director, Agile Alliance
  • Tim Coventry CEO of Business Analysis (BAPL) based in Australia
  • Jas Phul, Director IP/Product Development, IIBA
  • Moderator: Keith Ellis, Chief Engagement and Growth Officer, IIBA

This cross-section of industry professionals will discuss the impact the pandemic has had on businesses and how they are driving business outcomes, what they are learning from these experiences, the future of Agile and business analysis, and much more.

Agile approaches and methods are growing in popularity. In this webinar, we will talk about the importance of understanding business problems and how to arm yourself with a toolbox of business analysis techniques.

Join the webinar to hear the panellists’ discussion on these topics. You’ll hear insights and have an opportunity to pose your questions and comments on the relationship between Agile and Business Analysis. IIBA Members login to register.

Understanding Agile Approaches to Business Analysis

As Ellen points out in her update to Agile Alliance members in, How Agile Analysis Drives Business Transformation: Fireside Chat with Agile Alliance and IIBA, the two organizations have worked together since 2011 when a member-led initiative resulted in collaborating to publish the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) Guide. The Agile Extension (available as a PDF or online to IIBA Members) prioritizes delivery, how to minimize waste, create better business outcomes, and increase value. Using the rolling planning horizons – strategy, initiative, and delivery – the Agile Extension takes you through the iterative steps. From allocating resources; to supporting initiative-based decisions around creating value with current resources and understanding the needs of stakeholders and options available; to understanding how to break down work to deliver and test value and learn quickly from the work the team is doing. The Agile Extension describes both the mindset and practices that position Agile business analysis for any organization.

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Join Our Webinar

As we are just a few weeks away from Agile2021 this IIBA and Agile Alliance Member webinar provides an opportunity for the panellists to focus on some key topics mentioned above including how we can bring Agile transformation to the next level.

You will hear from Tim whose company is active in Agile and business analysis helping public and private organizations throughout Australia and abroad improve customer satisfaction through end-to-end customer journeys, reducing risk and removing waste to add value. Jas who participated in the publishing IIBA’s Agile Extension will share his perspective on the role of business analysis in Agile and Ellen will share her insights on opportunities for Agile in today’s changing marketplace. Our moderator, Keith, will ask some tough questions and address attendee comments.

Don’t miss this webinar! It promises to provide not only an interesting discussion but an opportunity to ask your burning questions.

We are hosting two live conversations to make this fireside chat more accessible in different time zones. Choose from our session starting at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET or our later session from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm ET.

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