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Is Your Travel Experience Trending?


Personalizing Travel through Data Science and Business Analysis

Wouldn’t you like to have a fabulous travel experience? ‘Instagrammable' I hope! This statement possibly captures the new theme of personal travel in this day and age. From unique, enjoyable, awesome, memorable and more that defines leisure travel, all of these revolve around crafting a highly personalized customer experience. The state of business travel is no different where agencies, aggregator, airlines, hotels are all vying to de-stress your journey so you could conclude your business engagements. The mantra for the entire industry has been ‘personalizing for one’ for the longest time. But the real question is how?



The answer lies with the data that is generated in the travel sector which can be leveraged to provide unparalleled insights into your preferences, behaviours, destinations, spending patterns, or your social impact. The bigger players are taking all these into account to elevate the customer experience by embracing big data and data science and the Airbnb’s and Uber’s of the industry are flipping the business models into entirely a new level.

But is every business using data successfully as a survival tactic? Or the ones who are actually using data heavily getting the right outcome?

In our latest paper in the series ‘Business Analysis in the Age of Data Science’ in collaboration Accenture, we explore the best bits data science has to offer for industry use cases and how business analysis can ensure the data initiative stay true to their course.


Read the white paper here