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Is Your Organization Struggling with Agile?


Agile has become a major part of business models and business agility, beyond the technology space. In a recent International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Salary Survey, nearly 70% of business analysis practitioners reported some level of engagement in either planning or implementation of agile within their organization, and according to a recent IIBA survey of the corporate members, over half (63%) are currently working on their agile transformation initiative. 



If agile methods and approaches are more prevalent, why do we see many organizations struggling? “So often it seems the agile practices shortcut the thinking and deep analysis needed to solve complex problems,” says Ken Fulmer, President and CEO of IIBA.

This September On Wed., September 4 at 1:30p ET, IIBA will be hosting a webinar with Ken to review this topic in more detail. The Customer-Centric Agile Best Practices for Your Organization webinar will examine the demands, challenges and the opportunities associated with agile. While IIBA offers quarterly webinars open to its corporate members, IIBA is pleased to announce that this webinar is open to non-members and is geared towards leaders looking to gain insight on the widespread adoption of agile and the powerful role it plays in bringing business success to life.

During this webinar, Ken will take a deeper look at the use of agile practices across different industries, and he will explore the notion of hybrid agile practices. Sharing learnings from recent and upcoming research, this webinar will highlight how deeply rooted the agile practices are in organizations and will provide participants with a sense of how their company would compare. Participants will explore why agile has been adopted to the extent it has while looking at the core benefits of adopting agile, which include:

  1. The ability to manage changing priorities;
  2. Increased visibility to the work being done;
  3. Accelerating product delivery;
  4. Increasing team productivity; and,
  5. High performing teams with a singular focus.

The key to improved business outcomes and value achievement will remain grounded in good analysis and an understanding of value in a business context. Find out how your organization measures up and take away some key learnings you can apply to your work team to assure the work is getting the business outcome you want.

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