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IIBA’s 2019 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey Results Are Now Available


What comes to mind when you hear the words “Salary Survey Report”? Does it pique your curiosity? How do you think your compensation compares to others in similar roles, industries or geographic areas? How do your skills measure up? These are all great questions, thanks to IIBA’s 2019 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey infographic and report you can find out.

IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey

Survey Breakdown

If you completed IIBA’s Global BA Salary Survey this year you will have seen that we added some questions on business data analytics and cybersecurity, both growing opportunities for BAs. This is the third consecutive year (we’ve published six surveys in total) that IIBA has run our global business analysis salary survey and each year our participation numbers have grown. Since this is our third year, we have been able to benchmark some of the responses to see what the trends indicate.

Our 2019 salary survey received responses from over 5600 participants globally. This has helped us provide more regional views on salary, gender, experience level, education, certification and industries.

In this year’s survey we share the results from a couple of viewpoints (mentioned above) including global results, Region 1, 2, and 3 results – based on IIBA membership pricing tiers - and new this year we added regional results for a specific list of countries with the findings presented in their local currency.

You can view the salary results based on the above breakdowns, by gender, and certification status. Plus, we added some questions for BA practitioners currently working in agile, digital, cybersecurity and data analytics. Interestingly enough, when we asked respondents thinking about a job change 17% reported they are considering a role in data analysis / analytics, so knowing which competencies are important to employers is helpful to job hunters.

Survey Highlights

Some highlights from our 2019 results include a continued growth in the adoption of agile as reported by both individuals and corporates who participated in the agile benchmark survey for corporate members. In the Salary Survey, we’ve seen the number of BAs report they are engaged in agile approaches growing from 50% in 2017 to 71% in 2019.

Speaking of continuously developing your skillsets, respondents shared that 65% of their employers invest in skills training. From webinars to conferences to courses to certifications there are many ways and resources you can leverage to help you on your pathway to always be learning. When we asked respondents why you seek certification the highest response (36%) said their main reason for becoming certified is gaining increased confidence. In a recent focus group with the Toronto IIBA Chapter, confidence was also one of the key reason’s participants shared they seek certification. Being certified speaks for you to your colleagues and employer that you possess the competency level required and the skills to perform at a specific level while on a personal level it validates your capabilities and knowledge.

BA Domains

In 2019, the top industries where most BAs work did not always correspond with the industries where BAs earn the highest salaries. In some cases, the industries employing the highest number of BAs reported lower than the average global salary. For the regional results the top industries where BAs work more closely aligns with the ability to earn a higher salary.

For the past three years (2017-2019), we found respondents consistently indicated (44-46%) reporting to the Solution Space (Information Technology / Project Management) within organizations. For more of these insights, view the survey results.



Thank you to our sponsors and supporters who helped share our 2019 survey questionnaire. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to complete this important survey. We look forward to your continued support in 2020.