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IIBA Launches Its KnowledgeHub 

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IIBA recently launched the KnowledgeHub, a new online space where Members can access BABOK® Guide content and actionable tips, tools, and templates to apply to everyday business analysis practices. Exclusively available to IIBA Members, the KnowledgeHub provides online, searchable access to IIBA standards and community-driven content. 

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IIBA developed the KnowledgeHub in response to Member's feedback asking for BABOK® Guide content to be more actionable. “Working with volunteer contributors, IIBA has built a tool that enables Members to help Members,” says Keith Ellis, Chief Engagement and Growth Officer, IIBA. Sharing community-driven content the KnowledgeHub provides IIBA Members with online, searchable access to content, such as relevant scenarios, templates, videos, checklists, and infographics that can be applied to everyday business analysis practices. 
“The KnowledgeHub will continue to expand as IIBA adds more resources,” adds Ellis. Members can view videos, explore “How do I” scenarios and more. The KnowledgeHub shares expertise and knowledge on demand covering a breadth of topics from capturing key requirements, to understanding business processes, to identifying needs, and describing user system interactions.  
Understanding the BABOK® Guide aligns knowledge, skills, values, and abilities. Business analysis professionals around the world can standardize the work process. Aligning with internationally recognized business analysis standards and best practices affords credibility which in turn passes value on to your organization's customers, clients, and partners.  

Achieve Successful Outcomes with IIBA’s KnowledgeHub 

Did you know that fifty-one percent of business professionals say interactive content is helpful when tackling business challenges? The KnowledgeHub provides more access to tools and resources to help set up the business analysis community for success. In IIBA’s Global State of Business Analysis Survey, business analysis professionals ranked the business analysis techniques they use regularly in their role. The top four techniques used are: 
  • Interviewing 69% 
  • User Stories 62% 
  • Process Modeling 61% 
  • Workshops 57% 
The KnowledgeHub helps put these techniques and more right at your fingertips with just a few clicks. In IIBA’s 2020 Annual Survey, we asked respondents what the top barriers were in their role and 44% reported the biggest obstacle was a lack of understanding of the role of business analysis. Speaking a common language helps business analysis professionals increase results in their workplace through improved performance. As professionals learn the techniques and tools, they are more effective in their roles. “KnowledgeHub can help you build your capabilities in terms of processes and tools or just provide a quick refresher of key concepts,” said Ellis, noting the KnowledgeHub is sure to quickly become your favourite go-to-resource. 

Gain Recognition with the Right Approach 

Following industry recognized standards enables business analysis professionals to apply and follow similar procedures resulting in standardizing the work process within an organization. This leads to a more supportive work environment where staff feel appreciated because the value of their work is understood. Twenty-nine percent of survey respondents in 2020, also reported a lack of understanding and support of their role was another professional barrier they faced. Creating recognition and enhancing the value of aligning with industry standards can enhance professionalism and productivity.  

The KnowledgeHub makes following industry-standard best practices easier with access scenarios, tips and examples of how to apply business analysis techniques to make informed decisions about process improvement. The online tool provides a reliable framework to follow, ensures consistency and helps reduce on the job risks. 

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IIBA’s KnowledgeHub puts the globally recognized standards for the practice of business analysis right at your fingertips and IIBA Membership gives you exclusive access to this exciting resource.  

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