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How to Network Virtually as a Business Analysis Professional  

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Since the start of the pandemic, virtual networking has been a rising trend. Even as the pandemic shifts, it is likely that virtual networking will remain the preferred form of networking for many professionals in every industry, including business analysis.

Virtual networking is simple. These 4 tips can help you as a business analysis professional.

4 Virtual Networking Tips for Business Analysis Professionals  

Virtual networking sounds more complex than it is. Here are a few tips for successful virtual networking: 

1) Connect with others using new forms of technology

At this point, we are all familiar with meeting via Zoom. However, there are other forms of tech that make virtual networking more personal and provide a fresh perspective for networkers. For example, the audio-only app Clubhouse, an online meet-up space, enables professionals to connect with others by visiting different online rooms. To speak, you simply “raise your hand.” Because this differs from Zoom and other common web-conferencing platforms, it can add a new dimension of human connection in a virtual environment.

2) Publicize your participation in a virtual event 

One of the pros of virtual networking is that it allows networkers to publicize their participation in networking events. Social media sites like Facebook, as well as professional sites like LinkedIn, are great places to make others aware of what events you are interested in or registered for. The article 5 Networking Tips for Virtual Events suggested professionals use hashtags assigned to the event “to promote the fact that you’re attending to reach more people who might be interested in the event. You’ll also be able to engage with other registered attendees and be able to look out for each other during the actual event.”  

3) When in doubt, ask questions

Communicating in a virtual setting can be awkward. It can be tough to read a person’s micro expressions using a webcam, which is subject to spotty internet connections and outdated software. This makes online communication more challenging than in-person. If you find yourself in an awkward conversation, whether it is over video or real-time chat, and aren’t sure what to say, ask questions. Most people enjoy answering questions about how they got into their industry, how long they have been in their position, etc. By focusing the conversation on the other person, you can make a meaningful connection and rescue a floundering conversation.

4) Create a compelling attendee profile 

With all there is to accomplish during the workday, the last thing you may want to do is complete an attendee profile for an online networking event. However, a full, compelling attendee profile is important to your virtual networking success. The more descriptive your profile is, the easier it will be to make connections that count and grow your professional network. “If there are event profile fields, be sure to provide all the essential information,” the article 10 Tips for Successful Networking at a Virtual Event stated. “Your attendee profile should highlight your unique experiences, interests, and skills to attract attention.” Don’t forget to connect your social media accounts to your attendee profile!  
Virtual networking isn’t going anywhere. By adopting some best practices for networking virtually, you can successfully grow your network, even when in-person networking opportunities are scarce.

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