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How to Get Your Recommendations Heard


“Why won’t they listen to my recommendations?”

“Why isn’t the management including me in their strategy planning?”

In the practice of Business Analysis, we’ve heard these concerns - and sometimes wondered ourselves, why not, one too many times.

So, why don’t we typically find Business Analysis practitioners in the boardroom? Why is it that almost all professional disciplines have a C-suite leadership (think: Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer) but not the Business Analysis practice?

Guy Shone, business journalist and CEO of Explain the Market has a simple answer for this. It’s because the decision makers do not perceive Business Analysis practitioners in that way.

And you may ask, well, in what way exactly?

Increasingly, organizations are looking for skills like leadership, judgement, confidence and the ability to story-tell.

Are you that person with the spread sheets and multi-page reports that answers questions in a technical fashion?

Or can you quickly summarize the salient points into talking points?

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In the boardroom, they need you to tell the high-level story in terms of business results. Yes, they need your multi-page report and spreadsheets to back up their decision, but the data needs to be presented in an easy, digestible way that supports their position – because C-suite executives just don’t have the time.  

Guy Shone’s upcoming webinar will cover 10 quick points which will help you re-focus and re-think what you need to do to be heard.  

  1. Stop 'educating' and start learning  
  2. Learn to love opinion again  
  3. Accept how boardrooms view toolkits  
  4. Be yourself rather than 'a practitioner'  
  5. Identify and accept the decision-making skills gap  
  6. Become famous but for the right reasons  
  7. Get the right sponsor  
  8. Stop working on weaknesses  
  9. Never, ever take an NLP course  
  10. Read textbooks - stop reading entrepreneur biographies immediately  

It’s time for you to be perceived... in that way. 


Join IIBA’s webinar, From BA to the Boardroom with Guy Shone on June 4 at 12 PM ET

Guy Shone Webinar


About Guy Shone:

Guy Shone started his career as a business analyst back in the late 90s. He became the first Principal Business Analyst at a large global finance company where he is at least partially responsible for hiring previous IIBA president Adrian Reed (something he still brags about). Guy went on to become the Global Head of Research for a large Financial Services group and then also for a UK government body specialising in research that contributed to government strategy. Guy is now one of the world's leading business journalists reaching tens of millions of TV viewers every week in over 20 different countries. He is also the CEO of the research business 'Explain the Market' providing board level advice to many of the most famous international brands.