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How to Get Into Business Analysis

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Business analysis is growing in popularity as a career, but answers to questions surrounding how to get into business analysis remain a little vague. The good news is you can get started in the field by simply building and validating business analysis skills and networking.  


Business analysis is growing in popularity as a career. By building and validating your skillset and networking, you can get into business analysis.


Get Into Business Analysis by Building Your Skill Set

To get into business analysis, you’ll need a specific set of skills. A few types of skills business analysis professionals use include communication skills, decision-making skills, and data review and statistical analysis skills, among others.  
There are several ways to get business analysis skills. One is through self-study. By reading books, listening to podcasts, and learning from peers, you can glean valuable skills related to business analysis. IIBA Members can take advantage of the online library for thousands of audio and digital books. You can also get the skills you need from degree programs like business, statistics, and accounting. Another option is to earn business analysis certifications. An article by Coursera stated that earning a certification can help you build your skill set and possibly even boost your future earnings, as well as make you a more competitive job candidate. 

“If you’re just starting out in business analysis, the ECBA (IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) can show hiring managers you’ve received several hours of training and know the basics of business analysis,” the article by Coursera explained. “If you have some experience with business analytics, the CBAP, CCBA, and PMI-PBA can show employers your competency and experience. 

Learn more about the ECBA and how it can help you get into business analysis.

Validate Your Skills and Network to Get Into Business Analysis   

It’s equally important to validate business analysis skills as it is knowing the basics to get into the field. Earning a degree related to business analysis helps prove to employers that you have the skills you need to do the job you are applying for; but, you don’t necessarily need a degree to get into business analysis. You can also validate your business analysis skills by earning a certification.  
IIBA offers a wide variety of business analysis certifications. A few include:

Find additional information about IIBA’s business analysis certifications and certificates here.  

Build Your Network

Networking is also key to getting started in business analysis as most jobs are filled through networking. If you want to get into business analysis, it is essential that you become active on a networking platform such as LinkedIn. One of the benefits of networking on LinkedIn is that you can connect with others virtually. This is ideal for those who are not yet comfortable networking in person. IIBA Chapters host numerous virtual and in-person events for networking, studying, and more to connect professionals. 

“Networking is vital for those who want to move up in their career,” stated an article by Apollo Technical. “According to HubSpot, 85% of jobs are filled through networking. In fact, according to CNBC, 70% of jobs are never published publicly.”

Another benefit of networking is that it will help you find a mentor. A mentor will be a key resource as you start your career in business analysis.

By building your business analysis skills, validating them, and networking, you can get into a career in business analysis. What skills do you already have? What skills are you lacking? Asking yourself these questions will help you choose the right self-study resources and business analysis certifications.

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