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How to Get Certified in the Language You’re Most Comfortable With

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In today’s globally connected world, business analysis can reach virtually any part of the world. Did you know the “number of global IoT connections grew by 8% in 2021 to 12.2 billion active endpoints” - that is huge! For IIBA, a large part of being global not only means connecting the community around the world through IIBA Chapters, global events, and webinars but also enabling professionals to understand the foundational knowledge of business analysis in multiple languages.  

IIBA’s tips for getting ECBA certified in the language you’re most comfortable with


Recently, we launched the French Canadian, Standard French, and Japanese translations of the IIBA's Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) exam and offer multilingual support and resources to help in the process of obtaining the ECBA certificate. These materials allow candidates to interact with content in the language they are most comfortable with. The BABOK® Guide is also currently available in seven languages, English, Chinese, French Canadian, Standard French, German, Japanese, and Russian. 

What is the ECBA? 

The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) is an entry-level business analysis certificate and recognizes individuals ready to develop their business analysis knowledge, skills, and behaviours as practicing business analysis professionals. IIBA’s ECBA covers foundational knowledge on how to approach business analysis according to the BABOK® Guide and is the perfect certificate for those looking for an in-demand career in business analysis. Business analysis is one of the highest growing occupations right now, with 14% industry growth projected between 2018-2028!

In this blog, we explore the process to get started on the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis and highlight where IIBA’s multilingual resources can play a helpful role along the way.

1. Review the Eligibility

The first step is to review the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis eligibility. Here is a quick breakdown: 

2. Create an IIBA Online Profile 

Ensure you register an account with IIBA to get the process started. If you are already an IIBA Member, simply login to IIBA’s online portal here.

3. Pay the ECBA Application Fee 

This fee is required to create your ECBA application and verify progress towards meeting its requirements. The fee is priced at $45 USD and can be purchased here

4. Enter Your Professional Development Hours 

Use the IIBA’s BA Development Log to enter your professional development hours and monitor your progress towards your ECBA certification goals. 

5. Review Supporting Multilanguage Resources 

Access a variety of publications and certification resources in a variety of languages such as English, French Canadian, Standard French, and Japanese. IIBA’s multilanguage resources include BABOK® Guide, the Core Certification Handbook, ECBA Application Process, the Online Proctor Guide and more.

6. Study for the Exam 

IIBA endorses training institutions and educational facilities to deliver practical, hands-on, experience-based training in the core knowledge and skills of business analysis. Also, many IIBA Chapters offer study group sessions facilitated by experienced business analysis professionals on ECBA exam preparation.   

If you are looking for study tips for ECBA, watch this on-demand webinar: Study Smarter, Not Harder - ECBA Certification

7. Pay the ECBA Exam Fee 

You are getting close! The next step is to purchase the ECBA exam fee. By purchasing the exam fee this allows candidates to begin the exam scheduling process. 

8. Take the Exam in Your Preferred Language

It’s time to schedule and write the ECBA exam. To begin, log into IIBA’s portal where you can go to schedule your exam. A click of the button transports you to the PSI Exam Scheduling page where you can select the date and your preferred exam language (English, French Canadian, Standard French, and Japanese). The wonderful thing is ECBA, as well as all of IIBA’s exams are available 100% online! 

Looking for exam preparation tips? Watch this on-demand webinar: Do's and Don’ts of Online Proctoring


IIBA offers a variety of industry-standard business analysis certifications and IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is a great place to start.

Learn more about ECBA at



About The Author:
Isabel Feher-Watters

Isabel Feher-Watters is the Certification Programs Manager at IIBA® and has 20+ years' experience building talent and leadership in the workplace through learning, certification, and credentialing programs and practices. She holds a professional certification as a Certified Association Executive (CAE®), Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)™, and a Change Management Registered Practitioner (CMRP®). Isabel is passionate about learning and professional development in the Business Analysis community.


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