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How Business Analysis Leaders Can Support Their Teams One Year Into the Pandemic

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It’s been a little over a year since the coronavirus pandemic developed. The pandemic has changed many things about work globally. The biggest disruption has been the switch from working on location to working from home. This is unlikely to change anytime soon. “For better or for worse, working from home is here to stay,” reported CNBC. Despite all the changes the pandemic has caused, business analysis leaders can ensure the success of their teams with a few simple tips.


Business analysis leaders can support their teams during the pandemic using 3 tips.

How Business Analysis Leaders Can Support Their Teams in Uncertain Economic Times

Are you a business analysis leader? If so, strive to support your team in the following ways:

1. Assess your team. This is vital to team success. To do this, start by asking yourself, “What skills do my team members possess, and what skills do they need to develop?” You may have a team member who is uncomfortable operating in the post-COVID digital world. It is essential that you are aware of this. When one team member is weak virtually, it can cripple the entire team. That individual will need to be upskilled. A more accurate way of assessing your development team is to create and distribute a questionnaire that measures team members’ skills and knowledge of business analysis and other relevant topics. 

2. Focus on foundational business analysis skills. They are more important now than ever. Things are changing rapidly, and the more grounded your team is in foundational business analysis skills, the less effort you’ll need to put forth in the future in upskilling them. Prepare your team members for the future by ensuring they get the training they need to operate effectively in each of their roles. You, your company, or a third party can provide the training your team needs. Once they are trained, their skills can be sharpened and proven with a business analysis certification if your training budget allows for this. 

3. Streamline team processes. To start, review all team processes. Are they as helpful and simple as they need to be? You can determine this by asking: 

  • “Where are my people spending the most time doing repetitive work?”
  • “Are there any processes I can automate?”
  • “How can I create more efficiency?”

You may be able to simplify processes and create more efficiency by investing in tools to set your team up for success. Talk to relevant departments within your organization to discuss what tools would be most helpful and find out how feasible it would be to implement them.

Although the post-COVID work environment is challenging, it comes with new opportunities. As a business analysis leader, you can empower your team to succeed by assessing their strengths and weaknesses, ensuring they receive the training they need, and streamlining team processes.

IIBA Has the Resources You Need to Support Your Team Throughout the Pandemic

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is not a training provider. However, IIBA has many resources for continuous learning for those who practice business analysis. IIBA provides:

IIBA is equipped to help business analysis leaders support their teams as the economy and state of work continue to waffle throughout the pandemic.  Professionals can gain access to the resources to grow your career including certification discounts, curated publications, online career tools and more with IIBA Membership.

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