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How Business Analysis is Changing Cybersecurity


The global cybersecurity market size is forecasted to grow to 248.26 billion U.S. dollars by 20231. The burgeoning demand for expertise to help companies mitigate their risk has created a key opportunity for business analysts who possess the hard and soft skills that are in demand by enterprise businesses.

In the February 18 webinar, Cybersecurity: Business Analysis Essentials, panelists Bindu Channaveerappa, CBAP, Business Analysis Consultant, i-Perceptions Consulting Limited and Director IIBA UK Chapter, Rich Hilliard, IEEE delegate, software systems architect and a visiting research scientist at MIT's Experimental Study Group, and Terry Baresh, CBAP, Business Analyst Consultant, Securian Financial will explore how business analysis is changing cybersecurity.

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According to “Unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide will reach 3.5 million by 20212.” In this webinar, Panelists will cover the basics of cybersecurity for BAs and take a look at cybersecurity issues, concepts and mitigation procedures. Attendees will learn to apply business analysis best practices to advance cybersecurity initiatives within their organizations and will take away knowledge you can start using right away within your own organization.

IIBA has developed learning resources in partnership with IEEE Computer Society to prepare you for the new Cybersecurity Analysis Certification (IIBA®-CAC) scheduled for release in 2020. Webinar participants will get an inside look at the new eLearning modules available through IEEE to prepare you to take your CAC as soon as it is launched.

If you attended Building Business Capability 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida you may have attended one of the cybersecurity presentations led by members of our webinar panel. If you were fortunate to attend and sit in on one of these sessions, you already have an idea of the opportunities in cybersecurity for business analysts. This webinar will dig deeper into what those opportunities look like, in the blog, Five Key Roles for The Business Analyst in Cybersecurity, Joe Barrios discusses the five key roles business analysis plays in cybersecurity, including:CCA-info-snippet-400x200-4 (1).jpg

  • Ensuring compliance with cybersecurity policies
  • Risk Management
  • Security tool implementation
  • Business Cases and Budgeting
  • Disaster Recovery.

In his blog, Barrios discusses how “…the increasing ease with which hackers can obtain and release personal information,” and that “Companies seem increasingly vulnerable and are scrambling to respond2,” which is creating huge demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals. When you look at some of the statistics like the “average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million” or that “approximately $6 trillion is expected to be spent globally on cybersecurity by 20213,” it is clear the opportunities and need for business analysis professionals as part of the enterprise cybersecurity team is critical to helping these organizations address their challenges of keeping their customer’s personal information, passwords and their data safe from cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity risks are not just the concern of larger organizations, small and medium-sized companies also need to be concerned with cyber risks.

Cybersecurity and the Changing Role of Business Analysis

IIBA and IEEE’s new cybersecurity analysis learning resources and certification will provide BAs with a basic understanding of what cybersecurity is and how business enterprises handle it and how your BA skills will play an important role in cybersecurity teams mitigate their risk. BAs leveraging this knowledge will become a well-versed resource in the world of cybersecurity.

Whatever role you pursue in cybersecurity, business analysis will play a key role in helping organizations prevent a cyber-attack and in the worst-case scenario, working to make sure a disaster is not repeated. If you want to pursue opportunities in cybersecurity you will not want to miss the Cybersecurity: Business Analysis Essentials webinar.


You Don't Want to Miss the Cybersecurity Webinar on Feb. 18th. Register here to attend.


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