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Happy International Volunteer Day!

Thank You to IIBA's Volunteer Community  

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December 5th marks International Volunteer Day. Volunteering is at the heart of IIBA, without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to continue growing! Nearly all our processes include the hard work of our volunteers.


December 5th marks International Volunteer Day, and we could not be more thankful for the amazing volunteers and support they provide for the IIBA® community. Our volunteers truly are leading change within the business community and helping move forward the evolution of business analysis.

Volunteering is the heart of IIBA. Nearly all IIBA initiatives include the hard work of our volunteers. When you contribute your energy as an IIBA volunteer you contribute to initiatives that help define the future of business analysis, and you become one of the community’s greatest assets. Your efforts become part of IIBA, the global community and your local community story. 

How you can get involved:


1. Submit business analysis content 

Get published in one of IIBA’s publications, we are always looking for voices from our community to provide insight within the content and publications we are putting out to the global business analysis community. Some of our publications include the Analyst Catalyst Blog and BAM!, IIBA’s business analysis magazine. Check out the latest issue of BAM! here.

2. Become a Chapter Leader 

We welcome volunteer leaders to join in one of IIBA's 120+ chapters around the world. Chapter Leaders are proud trailblazers dedicated to professional excellence, mentoring, driving organizational success, and promoting the profession. Did you know Chapter Leaders can proudly showcase their commitment and dedication to the global business analysis community with the new IIBA Chapter Leader digital badge? If you think you got what it takes, we would love to hear from you!  


3. Join the editorial committee

Over the past three years, volunteers have contributed content to be shared amongst all of our platforms. While the IIBA team reviews the content, our editorial committee which is composed of another group of dedicated volunteers, works diligently to edit the material that’s submitted for publication. The Editorial Committee meets once a month and edits an average of six articles within a 30-day period. Each member chooses between 1-3 articles to edit and submits them for peer review which is done as a group. We are always looking for members to join this exciting and dynamic committee.  


4. Volunteer for your local chapter  

From volunteering for local chapter events to participating in forums to help set the future of IIBA, we have many ways that you can give back while building skills and confidence. Volunteering is a great way to explore interests and add to your resume. Volunteering is also a great way to earn CDUs!


How we celebrate our volunteers  

We have over 1200 volunteers dedicated to supporting IIBA activities and the global business analysis community. These volunteers are serving on Chapter boards and committees, mentoring fellow business analysis professionals, assisting in the writing and translation of IIBA standards and guides - the list goes on! We are honoured to recognize our volunteers for their ongoing contributions to IIBA and the business analysis profession in our annual awards ceremony.


Interested in Volunteering?

At IIBA, we are very appreciative of our volunteers and the valuable time they donate. Happy International Volunteer Day! 

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About The Author:
Michelle Spences-Lee

Michelle Spences-Lee is a dedicated and passionate individual with experience in various remote support and coordination roles. Michelle has a strong customer focus, high energy and great organizational skills that are key to her work coordinating IIBA's volunteer program. She actively engages with both internal stakeholders to determine the volunteer needs and communicate and collaborate with the business analysis community to recruit, nurture, and build relationships with our volunteers. When she is not working you can find her travelling the globe from her home in Toronto.  


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