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Groundbreaking New Course: Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert Program

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The International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) are proud to announce their strategic partnership and new ground-breaking program the Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert.   

 Celebrating Global Business Analysis Day, a 24-hour event filled with leading speakers, networking opportunities and the IIBA Awards ceremony.

HR professionals across the industry are changing their roles to improve business outcomes 

HR professionals across the industry are evolving their roles to improve business outcomes. They are becoming more strategic, more business focused and more solution oriented. They are also becoming results-driven innovators who can turn data into insights that drive growth and profitability. Business analysis is a critical skill for every business, but especially in today's changing and evolving economy. This is because business analysis skills are no longer only useful for technical roles. They're being integrated across all industries and roles. 


Business analysis is an essential skill to have in today's changing economy 

With so many companies looking to use technology to their advantage, there's a huge demand for professionals who can understand the impact of new technologies on the way people work and how those changes affect their business processes.  
Business analysis skills are more important than ever in today’s economy and are being integrated across all industries including  Human Resources. The Human Resource (HR) function has an increasing need for advanced strategic thinking in defining solutions that deliver organizational value. HR needs a playbook of repeatable processes of uncovering the real business issues to solve, better techniques for determining solutions that are impactful, and a focused way of assembling compelling business cases that gain organizational support. 


As the demand for highly skilled HR professionals increases, so does the need for upskilling 

As the demand for highly skilled HR professionals increases, so does the need for continuing education and upskilling. As a result, there is a growing demand for HR professionals with advanced business skills and expertise. HR professionals who can offer solutions to business problems will be in high demand as companies retool and reinvent themselves to stay competitive in an increasingly volatile workplace environment. The goal of this new program is to provide you with professional training that will enable you to offer these solutions while enhancing your value by leveraging business analysis skills that are not currently part of your day-to-day responsibilities as an HR professional. 

73% of course participants felt they gained a sense of confidence to impact and influence change after completing the course. All participants believe that business analysis techniques and skills are essential to a high-functioning HR department.

The course is a five-module certificate program designed to enable organizational change by empowering participants to identify opportunities, define needs, and recommend solutions to deliver stakeholder value in the Human Resources field. By the end of the program, participants will receive the Human Resources Solutions Certificate (HRSC) and be equipped to sit IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis™ (ECBA™) exam.  


The tools learned within this program will help participants:

  • Better use business analysis foundations to conduct comprehensive needs analysis  
  • Create evidence-based solutions, and support organizational transformation 
  • Employee development and performance management 
  • Total rewards 
  • Succession Planning as situational examples of how HR can support organizational transformation through Business Analysis 

The program is designed to help HR professionals improve their business analysis skills and apply them to the HR function. This is a unique opportunity for human resource professionals, as these courses are taught by industry experts with extensive practical experience. Participants will advance their careers by gaining the necessary skills to deliver value-creating solutions that meet stakeholder needs across the business. Individuals exiting the program report having a feeling of greater “individual and team effectiveness” in evolving core HR processes, as well as greater confidence, to tackle complex change initiatives.  
This innovative program for human resources professionals is an exciting new way to upskill in areas like business analysis, change management and project management.  

Follow the link below to learn more or register for the course:   
Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert  

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Business analysis provides tremendous value to a wide range of industries and roles by helping organizations sense and enable change by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value. Join IIBA as a strategic partner and become part of a global network of experts who work towards delivering better outcomes through business analysis.   
To learn more about IIBA’s Strategic Partnerships please visit here.


About The Author:
Sema Sali

Sema Sali is a business analysis ambassador at IIBA, leveraging the intercept of marketing with business analysis to increase awareness of the value and criticality of business analysis to the success of organizations in today’s complex and disruptive world. She contributes to the growth of IIBA’s ecosystem through marketing efforts of IIBA’s Organizational Programs for Corporate, Academic and Endorsed Education Providers.


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