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Frosty the Analyst Song Parody to Sing This Holiday

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This year, we’d like to wish you “Happy Holidays” a little differently…

So, we had these individuals from the Business Analysis community step out of their comfort zone to sing the tale of Frosty the Analyst. This is IIBA’s alternate version of the traditional holiday song, Frosty the Snowman. In our version, Frosty the Analyst is a snowperson and main protagonist who shares their story of the work life of a business analyst including the trials and tribulations of this amazing profession. We hope you like our parody version and share a laugh this holiday season. 


IIBA Holiday song version of Frosty the Business Analyst


The Legend of Frosty the Analyst 

We hope it brings a little smile to the face of business analysis professionals everywhere! While our volunteers didn’t all choose to sing in the same key, we feel it adds some more originality and uniqueness to our rendition. 

Watch it here and let us know what you think on social. Tag #FrostytheAnalyst



Here’s the lyrics to sing along: 

Frosty the Analyst was a jolly happy soul,  
With a sharpie pen and some sticky notes  
The sprint board comes to life 
Frosty the Analyst, is a fairy tale they say,  
He was made brilliant, but the PMs know,  
How he came to life one day 
There must have been some magic in  
That laptop that they found,   
For when they placed it in his hands  
The projects turned around! 
Oh, Frosty the Analyst 
Was as smart as he could be, 
And the stakeholders say he could work and play 
Just the same as you and me! 
Frosty the Analyst…he’s an asset to every team 
With a CBAP cert and great soft skills, 
He makes your leaders beam 
There must have been some knowledge in  
That BABOK book they found 
For when they read it to the group 
There were CBAP certs all round! Oh! 
Frosty the Analyst,  
Had to --save another team---  
But he waved goodbye saying,  
"Don't you cry,  
I'll be back again someday"

Special thank you to our clever songwriters and singers:Blake HeggestadDanelkis Serra, CBAPAngela WickSusan A. Moore, AAC®Fabricio Laguna, CBAP, AAC, CPOA, PMP, MBAScott A. Bennett, CBAP, CBDAScott HelmersJamie ChampagneJudy Alter, CBAP, L.I.O.N.Terry Baresh, CBAPEno Eka CBAP PROSCI AAC CPOA SMAC SMC SPOC SCC ITILv4Vanessa LamPardeep (aka Paddy) Dhanda🎙Peaky Agilist PodcastBindu Channaveerappa CBAP, CCA 

Lyrics by Ann Cain, Yana Cherepashenskaya, Scott Bennett, Susan Moore, Terri Lynn Rodrigues, Rosalyn Tan, Tiffani Iacolino, Jeff Roth 

From all of us at IIBA & the Business Analysis community, Happy Holidays to all! 


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