Skip to content Exploring IIBA Publishing: A New Option for Aspiring Business Analysis Authors

Exploring IIBA Publishing: A New Option for Aspiring Business Analysis Authors

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When I started working at IIBA® those many years ago, my very wise hiring manager bluntly told me that the publishing industry had imploded, and we were free to innovate and try new and creative ideas with our publications.

We have tried various approaches and increased our capabilities with IIBA’s various publications over the years. Now we have taken all our learnings, feedback from the community, and set out to create something unique in the world of publishing. I believe we have.

International Institute of Business Analysis has developed and launched IIBA Publishing, a new publishing house and an evolution on how IIBA publishes books. Yes, books – people still love books!

Throughout its history, IIBA has published a multitude of publications: BABOK® Guide, Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, Business Analysis Competency Model, Strategy to Execution Framework, and The Business Analysis Standard to name only a few. These publications have been led by IIBA with the collaboration and contributions from the global business analysis community.

IIBA Publishing opens IIBA’s publication capabilities and capacity to authors that want to advance the knowledge of the business analysis community by publishing their own knowledge and experience in their own unique voice. IIBA Publishing provides a platform for multiple views, opinions, and voices that will enrich and deepen the collective knowledge and dialogue in the business analysis community. Authors retain full copyright and ownership of their publication and gain access to IIBA’s global distribution network. They also receive design, marketing, and publication support from IIBA.

IIBA’s values of “Respect, Kindness, and Integrity in Community” are the foundation of IIBA Publications. IIBA Publications presents an evolution of the publishing experience by establishing a genuinely cooperative publishing environment for authors. Authors are treated with respect and kindness throughout the collaborative experience. Authors experience honesty, transparency, and follow-through on commitments. All of us who contribute to the IIBA Publishing team are grateful for the privilege to collaborate with some of the great thinkers in business analysis.

IIBA is a not-for-profit professional association. This means that while earnings are important, they are not the driving force behind what we do. This extends to IIBA Publishing. Unlike most publishing houses, profits are not the central imperative of IIBA Publishing. Earnings are important – they allow us to continue to do what we do. The mandate of IIBA Publishing is to provide authors with a unique platform to share their thoughts and knowledge, to provide the business analysis community with a greater variety of knowledge, and to provide this experience with “Respect, Kindness, and Integrity in Community.”

It is our belief that one of the duties of IIBA as a professional association is to nurture an ecosystem for advancing and sharing knowledge supporting the practice of business analysis. IIBA Publishing is one of the ways that we are acting on this obligation. We hope that both seasoned authors and authors who have been reluctant to pursue their ambitions of publishing will join us in adding to the collective business analysis knowledge in a positive and collaborative spirit.

Publishing can be hard and sometimes harsh for new and experienced authors. IIBA Publishing intends to change this experience. Writing a book is challenging enough – we intend to make the experience of getting books published a better and more positive experience for authors.

Are you an aspiring author? Have you had previous publishing experience and want to experience something different with your next book? Contact us today.

Learn more about IIBA’s full range of publications including the latest book available from IIBA Publishing, The Rock Crusher, A Model for Flow-Based Backlog Management, by Steve Adolph, Shane Hastie, and Ryland Leyton, now available for purchase in the IIBA Bookstore


About The Author:
Paul Stapleton

As the Product Manager for Publications and Translations at IIBA, Paul Stapleton showcases his zeal for technical communication. He spearheaded the editorial team behind the BABOK® Guide version 3 and the Agile Extensions to the BABOK® Guide versions 1 and 2. Additionally, Paul led the translation efforts of the BABOK® Guide version 3 into seven different languages including Chinese, French Standard, French Canadian, German, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.


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