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Empowering Voices Through IIBA Publications

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and may not reflect the perspectives of IIBA.
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Imagine this scenario: you have a wealth of knowledge, insights, and experiences in business analysis and you really want to share them with a wider audience. Enter IIBA Publishing, a way to transform your expertise into something tangible to help practitioners up their business analysis skill set.

In business analysis, staying ahead of the latest developments is imperative. With technology advancing rapidly and markets shifting unpredictably, the need for insightful business analysis information has never been greater. Recognizing this demand, IIBA Publications caters to the need for value and engagement within the business analysis community.

IIBA Publications offers a platform for authors to share their expertise, insights, and experiences with a global audience. Through a collaborative approach, we empower authors to amplify their voices, enriching the collective wisdom of the business analysis community.

The Must-Have Collection

IIBA Publications currently offers two best-in-class publications. The first is The Rock Crusher: A Model for Flow-Based Backlog Management by Steve Adolph, Shane Hastie, and Ryland Leyton.

The Rock Crusher offers a structured approach to backlog management. It emphasizes the importance of the backlog as a single repository from which the team pulls its next most valuable work item, enabling agility through the ability to add, remove, reprioritize, and visualize potential work for a product. Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn:

  • The value and benefit of the backlog
  • The economic consequences of a broken value stream
  • How the current model of backlog management can break the value stream by impeding flow and disconnecting the team
  • The benefits of the Rock Crusher model for backlog management
The second is Futureproof: Amplifying Agility with AI and Insightful Business Analysis by Angela Wick and Tim Coventry. This publication isn't merely a book. It's a compass that guides professionals through the complexities of contemporary business analysis.

Delving into the necessary shifts in skills, practices, and processes, it emphasizes the integration of business analysis as a strategic asset leveraging AI. Through a retrospective of past challenges and a forward-looking perspective, the book equips professionals with the insights and tools needed to thrive amidst rapid technological advancements. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to integrate AI into business analysis effectively. Some of the themes in the book include:

  • What good, bad, and ugly analysis look like—before and with AI
  • Business analysis roles in the future
  • Implications of AI on business analysis
  • Future skills and competency
  • Setting up business analysis professionals for success
  • How to build these competencies

The Power of Collaboration

IIBA Publications embodies a community ethos, welcoming a diverse array of voices and perspectives to the table. A defining feature is its commitment to fostering a supportive and respectful environment for authors.

Gone are the days of navigating the daunting publishing process alone. Authors benefit from a dedicated support system, receiving development, design, marketing, and publication assistance. It's a collaborative endeavour fueled by a shared passion for advancing the field of business analysis. Authors retain full ownership of their work and receive access to IIBA's extensive global distribution network. This synergy of independence and support empowers authors to amplify their impact and reach a broader audience.

For aspiring authors and seasoned veterans alike, IIBA Publications represents a refreshing departure from the challenges of traditional publishing. With a focus on enhancing the author experience, delivering the highest quality information products, and facilitating meaningful connections within the business analysis community, we invite individuals to participate in its mission of advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration.

If you're eager to contribute to business analysis and explore the world of publishing, IIBA Publications welcomes you. Together, let's embark on a journey of knowledge creation and dissemination, shaping the future of our industry—one book at a time.

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About the Author
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As the Product Manager for Publications and Translations at IIBA, Paul Stapleton showcases his zeal for technical communication. He spearheaded the editorial team behind the BABOK Guide version 3 and the Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide versions 1 and 2. Additionally, Paul led the translation efforts of the BABOK Guide version 3 into seven different languages, including Chinese, Standard French, Canadian French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese.

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