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Certify Your Future with IIBA's Premier Business Analysis Certification, CBAP


The Certified Business Analysis Professional™ certification (CBAP®) is now available online. This means the highest level of achievement in the business analysis industry is now more accessible than ever. Those who earn CBAP are industry leaders. The certification recognizes their expertise in multiple business domains, as well as their ability to tackle complex projects, work with stakeholders effectively, drive business processes, lead the BA effort, and identify opportunities to achieve better business results. Business analysts not only prove their skills with CBAP -- they also certify their future. 



Which Business Analysis Certification Should I Get?

Certification is becoming increasingly important. Without certification, employers are left wondering whether or not employees, even those with extensive experience, have truly mastered specific business analysis skills. In the past, BAs often asked, “Why get certified? How will certification benefit me?” Since then, many have become aware of the benefits of certification for business analysts. They know that certification validates their skill set, increases their pay, and builds their peer network. Today, those practicing business analysis are more likely to ask, “Which certification should I get to advance my career?” CBAP is the answer to this question. Because it is internationally recognized and adds serious weight to a resume, it is the ideal certification for advanced business analysts. 

4 Reasons to Choose the Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification (CBAP)

The Certified Business Analysis Professional certification delivers value on a variety of levels for business analysts. Here are a few reasons why the CBAP should be an advanced business analyst’s first choice for a BA certification: 

  1. The CBAP exam is available online, so there’s no need to take any in-person classes or tests.  
  2. It is globally recognized as the highest level of achievement in the business analysis space.
  3. CBAP-certified professionals earn up to 19 percent more than non-certified business analysts. 
  4. Upon earning CBAP, BAs are given a digital badge that can be shared with employers and displayed on LinkedIn.

Additionally, getting CBAP-certified helps BAs specialize in the niche of their choice and further establish their leadership in the business analysis community. 

Why Product Managers Should Consider CBAP 

While the Certified Business Analysis Professional certification is beneficial to any seasoned analysis professional, Product Managers will find that they are particularly equipped with the competencies needed to pass the exam. “...the role of business analysis in product management will leverage your experience and the skills required to earn your CBAP certification,” stated Why Get Certified? By getting CBAP, advanced business analysis professionals, as well as professionals with product management experience, can supercharge their marketability, employability, and earning potential.

Time and Accessibility to a Testing Location Are No Longer Barriers to Certification

Business analysts usually have a lot on their plate and may not have spare time to pursue continued education/certification. Because CBAP is available online, time and accessibility to a physical testing location are no longer hurdles to certification.

Now is the best time to earn a business analysis certification. Get more information about the Certified Business Analysis Professional certification today.


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