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Business Analysis Magazine: From Strategy to Continuous Improvement

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Welcome to the April issue of BAM! In this issue guest contributors share their business capability stories and some great advice to reduce project failure rates by advocating for business analysis to be involved at the earliest stages of an initiative for best results. Dr. Cecily Macdougall architect of the Strategy to Execution Framework discusses her firsthand experience implementing the 9-step framework to improve business outcomes for a client in 9 Steps to Strategic Change That Enable Desired Business Outcomes. Following the Framework, Dr. Macdougall boosted her clients program success, minimized risk and costs while ultimately achieving the business outcomes and return on investment.  


Continuous Business Analysis Improvement and Strategic Analysis


Moving from strategic business analysis to continuous improvement The Hanny Purnomo, a seasoned ICT professional with a focus on manufacturing shares his case study on The Value of Digital Twin in Plant Layout Design that examines how to transform manufacturing efficiencies using Industrial IoT technology data to simulate various layout scenarios to improve production system and logistics planning of a future factory.

Swaroop Oggu an expert on decision support systems and who actively collaborates with start-ups and large enterprises shares his insights in Leveraging Analytics to Enhance Business Analysis on how analytics principles can help businesses come up with development strategies to improve service design and production.

Consistent engagement in a project is crucial to its success as explained in Dr. Macdougall’s 9-step Framework and in exploring The 7 Domains of the Product Ownership Analysis (POA) Framework IIBA’s Ananta Mahapatra, Product Manager, Products & IP Development walks you through the seven domains and underscores the importance of business analysis standards, practices, techniques, and competencies to create value.

Interestingly, according to respondents in IIBA’s 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, 93% say that the quality of work delivered by business analysis professionals directly affects the outcome of a project yet less than 56% feel senior leadership understand and value the role of the business analyst compounded by the fact that only 44% report their role is well understood within their organization we can see how important it is for buy-in to bring the level awareness and value in alignment with the reality of the important value business analysis plays in a projects success. In the article, Why Your Organization Should Be Excited About Business Analysis author Sereena Kang, Corporate Account Manager at IIBA discusses the benefits for you and your organization in elevating awareness of the value of business analysis and the importance of being seen as an expert who can deliver best practices and value to drive the right outcomes. Sereena shares her tips to get leadership buy-in to support a thriving in-house business analysis team.

From strategic business analysis to continuous improvement and product ownership analysis to tips for keeping stakeholders engaged, this must-read issue is packed with information to help you bring more value to your organization. Stay tuned for information about IIBA’s 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Survey launching later this month. The survey is open to IIBA Members and non-members working in business analysis. Please share the link with your colleagues when you get it.  The annual survey looks at demographics, salary, business analysis role maturity and much more. The report will be published in fall 2021.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 4th when IIBA’s Membership Harmonization changes will go live! Jared Gorai, Director, Chapters & Membership Engagement answers all your questions in You’re Invited to Experience Harmonization: Coming May 4th.


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Continuous Business Analysis Improvement and Strategic Analysis

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