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Business Analysis in Latin America

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In Latin America, business analysis is still considered a role within the IT area, exercising the profession in the initial analysis of needs, requirements and solution designs and working as part of the team within the project, having a very close relationship with the project , program or portfolio manager, being highly requested mainly in software development consultancies, who are showing the value of their business analysts and offering it as an added value to their new clients, understanding that the know-how of the industry, business and skills of communication and interaction, it is invaluable when you need to offer an IT service.

How the role of business analysis in Latin America is changing


On the other hand, there is increasingly a rapprochement between the different leaders of business analysis in Latin American countries, giving rise to an important exchange of knowledge, not only of the profession, but also of the dissemination and management of their own services or Chapters across the continent.

In countries like Peru, the profession is spreading in two main ways, as part of the service offered to corporations and in the academic sphere, with university education being a fundamental piece for a constant and sustainable dissemination in the medium term.

Business analysis is being understood as a mindset, where gradually, it is being directed in other areas outside of IT, such as strategy or consulting, being the Agile Certified professional (AAC-IIBA) certification, an important approach used in corporations, understanding the importance of its focus on the three of the organization: Strategy, initiative, delivery.

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In coming years, there will certainly be much more news in Latin America regarding the dissemination of business analysis and unity between IIBA Chapters; we are working on that!

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About The Author:
Miguel Angel Llontop Mejia, CBAP, IIBA®-AAC, Professor and a Senior Business Analyst

Miguel Angel Llontop Mejia, CBAP, IIBA®-AAC is a senior business analysis, with more than 10 years of experience in business analysis and is the leader of strategic projects at Pacifico Seguros Company in Peru. Miguel is Professor of Strategy and Business Analysis at the Continental University in Peru, Director of Business School and Strategic Consulting BAPERU, and is Vice President of Chapter IIBA PERU UC Chapter and is committed to advancing the profession of business analysis in Peru.