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Business Analysis Blueprint

Artur Mizera

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Artur Mizera brings over 13 years of IT experience to customers from the finance, telco, media, and energy industries, in addition to pro bono projects. Partial to strategic analysis, Artur describes himself as a people person who’s always searching for opportunities to try things and learn while creating a safe environment for others to do the same.

For the second instalment of Business Analysis Blueprint, we asked Artur about his current business analysis role, the benefits of IIBA membership, and how he continues to grow as a professional.

How did you first get involved or interested in business analysis?

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been interested in how things work—processes and organizations more so than objects. I used to ask questions like, “How does a postcard find its way into my mailbox?” That part of me never went away. I still indulge my inner five-year-old.

I started my IT career as a software tester. Since testers work closely with business analysts, it gave me an opportunity to transition. At the time, I had a fantastic manager who saw my potential and started giving me challenging tasks. It was a chance for me to explore the business analysis field, even without a formal designation. When an open position for a business analyst appeared, I was ready to apply.

What is your current role and what does a typical day look like?

As a business systems analyst at the largest private healthcare provider in Poland, I devote much of my time to my scrum team. I support the business product owner in maintaining backlog items and refining user stories by exploring our business processes or creating prototypes.

I also consult on other IT initiatives within the organization and mentor prospective or junior product owners. It’s rewarding work, as I get to be involved in cutting-edge, experimental topics like the use of artificial intelligence to support our processes. I really enjoy it.

Why did you decide to pursue the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification and how has it changed your career?

I had a lot of experience working with a diverse group of customers and projects, so I decided it was time to prove my knowledge and skills. My manager offered his full support along the way, which was highly motivating.

After the exam, I was surprised to learn that some organizations expect future employees to be certified through IIBA. I soon started receiving invitations to participate in more recruitment processes than before, and my marketability expanded.

Talk about how certification impacts your responsibilities, interactions with stakeholders, or ability to drive successful projects.

I love the fact that it provides me with everything I need to succeed, to choose the right approach from a variety of techniques based on a project’s needs. Organizations need professional advisors with a consultative mindset, and IIBA instills that in you.

While preparing for the CBAP and IIBA-AAC exams, I realized that I could satisfy large and complex business needs. That’s why I became involved in strategic projects that aim to change and improve business lines or even the whole organization.

Thanks to these certifications, I feel comfortable discussing challenges or opportunities with C-level management or board members and making recommendations. I’m confident that I’m the right person in the right place.

How have you benefited from IIBA membership?

Access to all the standards developed by IIBA, great career resources, and networking opportunities are just some of the benefits. Because I work in so many different industries, I sometimes need access to very specific information from a variety of sources. IIBA’s Digital Library is always the first place I check (and quite often the last).

I satisfy my curiosity by participating in webinars organized by both IIBA global and chapters across the world, including in Belgium, South Africa, and the US. These sessions open my eyes to emerging developments impacting the business analyst role.

In the wake of the pandemic, the IIBA Poland Chapter became much more active. I’ve since gotten to know new people at different local events, including the first IIBA Summit in Warsaw. My local network is especially comforting when I sometimes work as an independent consultant, with no internal support from a centre of excellence.

How do you continue to enhance your skills and knowledge after getting certified?

Some techniques described in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (e.g., SWOT, prioritization, SMART goals) can be successfully applied to professional growth.

I like to prepare a short- and long-term development plan independent of the organization I work for, which ensures my progress is aligned with my personal interests and path. That said, I do include my manager in the review process to assess alignment with the organization's needs and what we can achieve together.

Giving back to the community is also important, which is why I decided to join a mentorship program organized by my local chapter. After just a few weeks of working with my mentee, I learned things about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I can’t wait to see what more I’ll discover along the journey!

What advice would you give to business analysts who are just starting out in the field?

Get to know business analysts from different industries or organizations. It’ll help you find an area that fits you best, one that constantly sparks joy in you.

Which famous figure, living or historical, would you want to have dinner with?  

Some time ago, I read Barack Obama's presidential memoir, Promised Land. Although I’m not interested in politics, I was impressed by his way of thinking, which is surprisingly similar to a business analyst's mindset. I was truly inspired by how he encouraged his advisors to think outside the box.


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