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Business Analysis and Technology Go Hand-in-Hand

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The most commonly asked questions practitioners have around cybersecurity is where are they are likely to add value? As a business analyst you understand the value of your role within your organization, but it can be challenging when moving into a new area like cybersecurity. First, you don’t need to be an IT expert to support cybersecurity. Understanding the business and the cyber risks to your organization are most important. Here’s a quick rundown why business analysis is the crucial link between business and technology in support of cybersecurity initiatives.

The Value of Professional Business Analysis Certifications


As digital transformation continues to change the way organizations do business, the roles business analysts play to deliver business value are also changing. Savvy practitioners are eager to keep pace. In fact, 70% of business analysis professionals are working in digital initiatives and, of that, 31% report being very involved1.

 From cybersecurity to big data, business analysis and technical skills have become increasingly important. A report by Boston Consulting Group revealed that financial services firms are 300 times more prone to cybersecurity attacks than other industries, but they are not alone2. Surprisingly, there is a cyber-attack every 39 seconds3. The rise in cybersecurity threats have opened the door to business analysts overlapping between IT and the business to help mitigate risks, translate between teams, and improve efficiencies.

Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes and that increase doesn’t seem to be slowing down4. Wondering how business analysis professionals are bridging the gap in support of cybersecurity initiatives?

Business analysis: The link between business and technology

In a sense, IT departments are the clients. In cybersecurity, business analysts play a critical role in explaining the business in technical language and vice-versa. They are also the first line of defence when protecting data assets so, it's critical they are involved when eliciting the rules to manage your organizations data assets.

In IIBA’s latest podcast, Cybersecurity: BAs are the Link Between Business and Technology seasoned expert Mohamed Zahran draws upon his industry experience in business analysis and business solutions development to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about working as a business analyst in cybersecurity. Mohamed is a recognized conference speaker in the fields of big data analysis and visualizations, artificial intelligence (AI), business analysis, agile analysis, business data analytics, cybersecurity analysis, fintech, and digital transformations.

The role of the business analysis in cybersecurity

Business analysts are part of the IT security team and are responsible for security operations analysis activities. More specifically, the role of those practicing good business analysis in cybersecurity is primarily to ensure that the business properly adopts and employs those policies, tools, and practices.

What sets the focus of cybersecurity apart from other business areas in which business analysts’ practice is that it requires a working, technical understanding of the business itself and cybersecurity practices to ensure a successful, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

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