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Best Blogs to Read This Holiday Season

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Want to catch up on everything you missed this year over the holidays? Check out IIBA’s list of top blogs worth reading or re-reading. The top 15 list is based on website traffic to IIBA’s Analyst Catalyst,  which is our carefully curated blog designed to give the latest global business analysis practice information.  You’ll find advice, tips, inspritation and insights that you can apply in your daily work and carry into the new year and beyond.

15 Best Blogs worth reading or re-reading this holiday.

Read about the experiences and stories of business analysis professionals from around the globe. Here is our top 15 blogs to read:  

Top 15 Blogs to Read

  1. In-Demand Business Analysis Skills | This blog explores the business analysis skills that can help those who practice analysis be much more effective in their roles. Read  
  2. Key Differences Between Business Analysts and Business Analytics Professionals | Understanding the difference between business analysts and business analytics professionals is important.  Discover more about each role and find out how they differ. Read
  3. Three Reasons Why Business Analysis is Changing in 2022 | This Business analysis is constantly evolving. But how is it changing, and why? The answers to these questions are connected to current trends in business analysis. Read 
  4. How Posting Course Certificates on LinkedIn Can Increase Your Visibility, Support, and Even Lead to Job Opportunities  | Sharing your credentials online is easy and a great way to improve your career prospects. Read
  5. Product Owner vs. Business Analyst - Demystifying the Ambiguities | Compare the skills and competencies recommended for the Product Owner and Business Analyst roles.  Read
  6. Top 5 Resources You Need in Your Business Analysis Toolkit | Check out the top 5 resources from IIBA’s KnowledgeHub that are helping busy business professionals in their jobs, every day.  Read 
  7. 6 Steps to Applying the BACCM™ | Discover The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™ (BACCM™) conceptual framework for business analysis and ways to apply it within your every day work. Read  
  8. Preparing for my CBAP Exam | Kevin Crampton, Business Anaylst for the World Health Organization shares his tips and advice for preparing for the CBAP® (Certified Business Analysis Professional) exam. Read 
  9. 11 Tips for Business Analysts in 2022  | We’ve rounded together nine business analysis professionals to share their insights on the future of work.  Read
  10. 6 Skills for Your Everyday Business Analysis Practices | Soft skills are skills applicable to all business professions but especially critical to those in business analysis.  Read 
  11. 10 Tips to Improve Your ECBA Exam Score | his blog talks about the top reasons people fail in their ECBA exam and recommends strategies that can help avoid the failure traps. Read  
  12. Resume Tips for Business Analysts | What Recruiters REALLY Evaluate on Business Analysis Resumes  | “What do Recruiters REALLY evaluate when reviewing a Business Analysts resume?” We got input from 10 Senior PMO/BA Recruiters from Apex Systems, one of the world’s largest tech staffing and solutions organizations, who has a dedicated PM/BA Recruiting practice and supports 80,000+ jobs a year.  Read
  13. Introducing BABOK French Version | Explore the BABOK® Guide French Canadian translation. Read   
  14. 3 Tips to Feel More Confident at Your Next Business Analysis Job Interview | Here’s a few interview tips that can help you feel more confident and impress your audience at your next business analysis job interview.  Read 
  15. The Five Techniques You Should Know | Here are five basic techniques, you should know as a business analysis practitioner. Read 

Reading our blogs can help you stay up to date on a variety of topics and in touch with what’s trending in the evolving business analysis practice. Check IIBA’s Analyst Catalyst Blog regularly for weekly content posts. Happy reading everyone! 

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  • Business Analysis 
  • Business Data Analytics 
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