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BAM! Winter Issue Now Available: Achieve More with Data

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The much-anticipated issue of 2022 is here! The first issue of the year focuses on global research with the release of the five-part series, Achieving More with Data, and the 2021 Global State of Business Analysis Report. Inside the issue, we also cover tools and resources for setting up an in-house training program to keep you and your team’s business analysis skillset current. Plus, we share tips every new business analysis manager should know.

BAM! Winter Issue Now Available: Achieve More with Data


In Developing an In-House Business Analysis Enterprise Training Program by Suzanne Bertschi, Director, Certifications & Programs at IIBA, Suzanne shares the experience of two organizations that have built successful in-house business analysis training programs and provides tools you can use to develop your own. Depending on your budget and the level at which you need to train your team, there are many training resources available.

IIBA’s Global Research Program took on an executive research project in 2021, looking at the role of business analysis in data analytics projects and success rates. The research found the business analysis professional is fundamental to an organization’s success in business data analytics and is essential in the transformation to a data-driven culture. 

75% of executives want to make the cultural transformation to be data-driven but very few are successful at it. In Becoming a High Performing, Data-Driven Organization by Keith Ellis, Chief Engagement & Growth Officer at IIBA, Keith discusses the research findings from the five-part series: Achieving More with Data. Keith discusses how this new global leadership research found business data analytics is a game-changer for high-performing organizations and that business analysis professionals are instrumental in helping these organizations build a data-driven culture. The findings show 2.8 times higher project failure among industry laggards when business analysts are not leading their business data analytics (BDA) practices! 

We know that data analytics is crucial for organizations across industries to help gain insights to make better decisions at the right time. So, what type of analytics do you need to focus on? In Advocating the Importance of Business Analysis Skills in Data Analytics Initiatives by Tiffani Iacolino, Manager, Product Marketing at IIBA, you’ll learn that depending on the industry segment you work in and the type of business data analysis you are doing, you need to know how, and when to apply the five business data analytics segments or system types that will drive the approach including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics. 

IIBA’s annual practitioner survey was rebranded this year under the umbrella of the Global Research Program. Renamed the Global State of Business Analysis Report, the survey included some new questions about business analysis maturity and the impact of Covid-19 on the profession. To help explain the importance of this annual research and how you can use the findings, IIBA held a panel webinar, The Global State of Business Analysis: A Year in Review with guests from the US, Egypt, and Brussels to share their global reflections on what they see as new and changing in the business analysis profession both as a result of the pandemic as well as career evolution. If you missed this passionate discussion you can watch the webinar on-demand or read Koryn Andersons blog post, In 2022 – What’s your professional mantra going to be? 

If you’re leading a business analysis team for the first time, you may be faced with the feeling you need to prove yourself. Scott Bennett, Manager, Business Analysis at IIBA shares his advice and some tools you can use to build credibility with your new team, and the skills you need to make the transition from individual contributor to a leader - from setting your management style to evaluating performance to assigning and overseeing work. Read all about it in New to Managing Business Analysis Resources?

We hope you enjoy reading these articles that highlight the tools to move your career forward as well as share some interesting research findings of the profession. Check out the winter issue!


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