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BAM! Spring Issue is Here!

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The Spring issue of BAM! looks at leadership in business analysis. Are you a senior business analysis professional or looking to advance your career? You may want to lead projects, manage teams, or just enhance your leadership skills. This issues articles talk about developing your data literacy, strategic execution, improving efficiencies and more. Regardless of your career path, the advice, and insights these authors share will help you keep up with your peers. 

This issues articles talk about developing your data literacy, strategic execution, improving efficiencies and more. Regardless of your career path, the advice, and insights these authors share will help you keep up with your peers.


To improve efficiencies your organization may be considering setting up a center of excellence (CoE). So, what exactly goes into setting up a CoE? From having a defined vision, governance, and operating model, it is also important to focus on talent and competence development. In the article, Establishing a Business Analysis Center of Excellence, author Scott Bennett, manager of business analysis at IIBA, shares his personal experience of starting a CoE. He also shares insightful advice from Deb Mason from Best Buy and Danielle Robert from the Canadian Red Cross on creating a community of practice (CoP) and the value of peer reviews. 

Learn about a CoP with Deb Mason

Would you be surprised to learn that only 24% of the global workforce is fully confident in their ability to work with data? In Understanding Data Literacy, Dr. David Marco, president of EWSolutions, discusses the data literate organization and shares the skills necessary for data literate thinking. 

Business Analysts are using data to help organizations make more effective business decisions. Yet the statistics surrounding data analytics initiatives are dismal. In Successful Data Analytics Projects and the Role of Business Analysis, author Jeffrey Roth, chief marketing officer at IIBA, discusses some of the insights outlined in IIBA’s Global Research report, Achieving More with Data: The Critical Role of Business Analysis in Becoming a Data-Driven Organization. Business Analysis professionals have the skills to guide organizations through unchartered territory to empower companies to understand the most urgent business problems and devise effective solutions, and to improve the quality of data, governance, and management to create sound analytics models that get better results. Read the full story to learn more. 

Dr. Tim Krause, a professor in the Department of Computing and New Media Technologies at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the academic director of UW Master’s in IT Management program, shares his advice for developing a strategic execution framework and what you need to know to succeed in any industry in the article, How to Develop a Successful Strategic Execution Framework

Alex Steed, an IT business systems analyst in Customer Engagement, shares his insights on the challenges of eliciting requirements in the cellular industry and addressing customer churn. His case study follows the approach to addressing the business need and identifying solution requirements. Follow his journey and conclusions in, A Successful Journey Down Use Case Paths

Business analysis professionals play many different roles, and we enjoy bringing you helpful articles that dig into the challenges and responsibilities you may encounter daily in your role. We hope these articles answer questions you may have and share advice and insights you can use to develop your skillsets. Check out the winter issue!


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Ann has 20+ years of communications experience. With a background in both the corporate and public sectors, her career expands over several industries including technology, insurance, healthcare, publishing, and manufacturing. When not writing, Ann enjoys travel, hiking, and reading.


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