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Accelerating Artificial Intelligence with Business Analysis


The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and now. Organizations need to shift the conversation from being too late to adopt AI technologies to business outcomes AI can enable with its current maturity. Business analysis professionals with the capabilities to understand business, technology, and customers have an advantage in being able to unpack AI and provide real-world applications of AI with immediate practical use.



In collaboration with UST Global, IIBA® has endeavored to provide a point of view where BA professionals can learn, apply and excel in the world of Artificial Intelligence. In this latest paper we explore the following key aspects:

  • Clearing the assumptions around types of AI technologies, industry terms, implementation approaches, current capabilities, and limitations;

  • Understanding where the field is going, so that they can understand and adapt to changes as required to be effective in a project where AI is the key technology being used; and,

  • Appreciating changing best practices, methodologies, and tools to apply in business analysis for AI.


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