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A Little Bit of Change is Good, Right?

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They say, "A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow" and IIBA’s certification exams are no exception to this type of thinking. IIBA® conducts regular reviews on the certification exams as a key component of the certification program in alignment with IIBA’s Standards and Best Practices.  

A Little Bit of Change is Good, Right?


Here’s What’s Ahead for ECBA

There will be some updates coming to the ECBA Exam Blueprint within the coming weeks. Effective March 1, 2021, IIBA will start conducting the ECBA exam based on a slightly updated blueprint. These updates focus on the areas that are most needed by a business analysis professional in their first year on the job. 

If you are aspiring to obtain your ECBA, or you are an ECBA exam candidate IIBA is answering questions to help you understand more about the upcoming changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the main difference between the current version of the exam and the version that starts on March 1, 2021?

The main difference is a slight modification to the ECBA Exam Blueprint. Below is the current blueprint compared to the updated blueprint. The highlighted areas represent the changes. 

BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas  Current  New 
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring  5%  5% 
Elicitation and Collaboration  20%  20% 
Requirements Life Cycle Management  20%  20% 
Strategy Analysis  5%  0%  
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition  24%  25% 
Solution Evaluation  1%   0% 
Total  75%  70% 
BABOK Guide Business Analysis Knowledge  Current  New 
Business Analysis & the BA Professional  2.5%  2.5% 
Underlying Competencies  5%  5% 
Business Analysis Key Concepts  5%  5% 
Techniques  12.5%  17.5% 
Total  25% 30%


2. What is the last date for taking the current version of the exam? 

The last day to take the current version is February 28, 2021, 11:59 PM EST

3. Has the application process or eligibility requirements changed?   

The online application form and eligibility requirements for ECBA have not changed with this exam update.    

4. Should I take the exam now or after the change?   

With only slight modifications to the ECBA Exam Blueprint, exam candidates should be comfortable taking the exam at any time. Candidates taking the exam after the change will get their results by May 1, 2021. This will occur as the updated exam will go through a passing standard study in order to define the pass score criteria.   

5. I already have my ECBA exam booked for after March 1, 2021, do I need to change anything? 

No, nothing changes with your exam booking. You can proceed with your exam as scheduled. 

Click here to review the full list of frequently asked questions regarding the ECBA exam updates. 

Why Earn Your ECBA Now? 

There really has never been a better time to earn the ECBA designation with 23% of respondents from IIBA’s 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey sharing that certification helped them in finding a job. If you are looking for a few more reasons to earn your ECBA, explore the blog 5 Reasons Why You Need an ECBA Certificate.  

The ECBA certificate is beneficial to individuals who want to demonstrate they possess the fundamental knowledge of business analysis, including: 

  • Individuals starting a career as a business analysis professional 
  • Students enrolled in business analysis academic programs 
  • New graduates 
  • Professionals in career transition 
  • Functional managers who manage business analysis professionals 

For questions about the ECBA exam updates please contact IIBA’s Certification Team at or to find out how to jumpstart your ECBA journey, explore the ECBA Roadmap to Success.  

Change is the end result of all true learning." - Leo Buscaglia 



About The Author:
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Isabel Feher-Watters is the Certification Programs Manager at IIBA® and has 20+ years' experience building talent and leadership in the workplace through learning, certification, and credentialing programs and practices. She holds a professional certification as a Certified Association Executive (CAE®), Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)™, and a Change Management Registered Practitioner (CMRP®). Isabel is passionate about learning and professional development in the business analysis community. 



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