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7 Ways to Maintain Real-Time Customer Experience

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The desire to become successful companies and create a recognizable brand means adhering to one of the important aspects of working with clients - real-time experience. At this stage of marketing development, you need to strive to control and improve the experience by adapting to the desires of your client directly. It is necessary to analyze the issue carefully and the client's problem and help to solve it quickly.


7 Ways to Maintain Real-Time Customer Experience


This is why it is important for business analysts to pay special attention to consumer research. Not you, but your audience and loyal customers have a significant influence on the very process of doing business. Therefore, in order to increase trust in your brand and increase sales, you will need to establish a process of interaction with customers, which you will learn more about later.

What Exactly Is Real-Time Customer Experience?

Real-time CX reveals its meaning in two main tasks:

  • To bring pleasure and communicate with the client at the moment;
  • Show a caring attitude and provide immediate solutions to the problems the client is facing.

Research has revealed that 84% of companies that work to improve customer experience report increased revenue. The main element in working with clients is their emotions. How do they feel when interacting with your brand in real-time?

Using advanced data collection, analysis, and visualization, you can determine the quality of your service directly through the interaction with your user. What's more, the combination of AI and data will enable you to gain attention and build trust in real-time, resulting in increased sales and brand awareness.

The roles of a business analyst and a CX designer often overlap, since the goals of these specialists are as similar as possible. Each of them works to improve the user experience to increase the effectiveness of the product and its ability to effectively solve user problems. Due to the specifics of the work, each of these specialists uses different tools, but they do it to achieve the same task.

What Exactly Is Real-Time Customer Experience?

7 Ideas to Maintain Real-Time Customer Experience

Indeed, the importance of real-time CX for building brand popularity and generating big sales is extremely high. Therefore, to make this process more visible, we have identified seven main aspects that will help to establish it and make it effective.

Improve the average response time

The speed of response to a customer's request is the basis for building trust and making sales. Thus, you show respect for your audience, help to increase loyal customers, and attract new ones in the future. Below are some tips to improve your audience engagement:

Automate the process of standard responses or notifications so that the client receives all the necessary information quickly:

  • Use email autoresponders and chatbots
  • Use a prepared script
  • Use different methods of communication - social networks, phone, email

Use the decision tree to find the best ways to increase user engagement with your chatbot. You just need to add possible options with predictable results and costs to the scheme and weigh the pros and cons. This will help you find the most efficient solution possible.

Align content with customer needs

A lot depends on high-quality and informative content, especially if you are a young brand and strive to find your audience. Of course, content alone will not win the customer's trust, but it will definitely help increase sales. The content of the text must first of all be well written, arouse interest and emotions in a potential buyer, solve a problem, be relevant, and call for a purchase. To ensure high-quality content, use services like Essay Writer, Grammarly, and others. This will help avoid typos and other mistakes.

Humanize your chatbot

To ensure a great customer experience, you need to personalize chatbots as much as possible. Create a character, create a visual image for him, and choose between formal or friendly interaction style; this makes it possible to create the impression of communication with a real person and increase the desire to use your services or buy a product.

Before creating the structure of a chatbot, you must define its goals and prepare all the information about the product. You will need to thoroughly analyze your target audience, segment it and determine the needs of each segment.

After that, you can start working on the development of the chatbot scheme. To make the process really effective, use a tool like mindmap. It will help you visually see the user's path and find errors, conflicts and weak points in it.

Along with creating a chatbot structure, define promotion channels to maximize user engagement and expand your base.

Remember that no one has canceled the testing period and this is a very important stage for further effectiveness. Only after the test period, evaluation and making the appropriate changes, your chatbot will be able to efficiently solve the assigned tasks.

Allow cross-channel communication

This type of interaction between the company and the client contains many advantages that provide an opportunity to mobilize the work process. First, you need to determine your audience type and possible means of communication. Next, select the appropriate CRM. So you can be constantly in touch using the channels that are really convenient for consumers. CRM optimizes the interaction process.

One of the best ways to do this is through stakeholder analysis. To do this, it is enough to complete only 3 steps, among them:

  • identification of stakeholders
  • assessment of their influence and interest
  • find ways to influence these people

The method allows you to qualitatively study the target audience and find support for your business in it.

Enable customer support at all hours

Online customer support 24/7 is the key to the success of any business. The willingness to help, the professionalism and the efficiency of the company's employees create brand loyalty; this will not give your competitors a single chance.

Implement automation tools

Depending on what processes you want to automate and expect the result, determine the appropriate software. After all, it remains to monitor the results and the process.

Learn from the customer feedback

It is customer reviews that will help make your business more successful. So you can see what needs to be paid more attention to, what goods or services are in great demand. There are many types of feedback collection; we have highlighted the main ones:

  • Getting a response by polling
  • Conducting an interview with a client for market analysis
  • Social media
  • Live chat
  • Analytics of audience activity on the site
  • Reviews on the website

Customer feedback is very important for the company; it helps to promote the product and is an excellent tool for development in general. Moreover, you can get feedback in several ways at once.

For best performance, use customer journey mapping. This will track all points of contact with your brand, find problem areas and eliminate them. This method makes it possible to look at the activity of the company through the eyes of consumers, which means it is better to satisfy their needs.

Final Thoughts

Real-time customer experiences are by far the fastest and highest quality interaction. At the moment, this is the most effective way to collect the necessary information about the client, to find out about the results of his interaction with your company. What's more, it provides you with the ability to resolve customer problems in real-time instantly and provide a personal touch.

Applying this method to attract the attention of new customers will increase the number of regular customers. In addition, this approach will help create a good impression of the company, increase the level of trust and ease of cooperation with your brand.

If you are ready to promote your business successfully and meet the needs of the most demanding clients, then you shouldn't hesitate. Real-time customer experience is exactly the strategy that, when implemented, will overcome all difficulties and achieve your goals.

In order to make it a reality and maintain long-term relationships with consumers, you must continually use business analysis and improve CX. Perform periodic assessments and keep your finger on the pulse. This will help you to achieve outstanding results.

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