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6 Tips for Starting Your Business Analysis Career

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If you want to grow your business analysis practice here are six tips to accomplish this. By utilizing resources designed to help business analysis professionals grow their career, you can reach your career goals this year.      

Here are 6 ideas for starting your business analysis career strong in 2022. How an IIBA membership can help advance business analysts


Here are 6 ways to do this: 

1) Use IIBA’s Career Road Map -   Taking a look at IIBA’s Career Road Map provides an outline of the business analysis opportunities available to you. It is designed to identify the many roles within business analysis, and to show individuals their career options within the field based on the experience they have. It includes the emerging roles in business architecture and business intelligence, which are in high demand. 

2) Check out the Career Action Guide -
The second tip for getting your business analysis career off to an amazing start this year is to make use of the IIBA Career Action Guide. It is the perfect resource for IIBA members that is derived from the Business Analysis Competency Model.  
With the IIBA Career Action Guide, you can identify personal areas of focus for professional development regardless of your experience level. This guide is designed to prepare individuals for the next step in their business analysis career. 

3) Take the Self-Assessment -
One of the wisest things you can do if you want to improve your business analysis practice is to assess yourself as an analyst. Use the IIBA Self-Assessment Tool, also a members-only resource, to do this.  
The Self-Assessment Tool is simple but powerful. It is comprised of a series of statements and corresponding experience and performance indicators that determine your overall competency in business analysis. This tool can be enormously helpful to business analysis professionals at all levels.  
The Self-Assessment Tool is used in conjunction with the Business Analysis Competency Model to allow Business Analysis practitioners to:

  • Identify their strengths and uncover skills gaps 
  • Confirm their effectiveness as an analyst 
  • Plan career growth and professional development

It can also help professionals map their skills to business analysis job opportunities, and assist leaders, managers, and organizations with talent acquisition, managing resources, and measuring skills and performance. 

4) Work on Your Goals - If you aren’t feeling challenged in your current role, ask your boss to get involved on a more challenging project. One that will stretch your skills or utilize those skills that are currently not being leveraged. Another option is to volunteer and find an opportunity that matches your goals. This is a great way to give back to your community and hone your skills. Another option is to upskill yourself to develop the skills you need to advance your career.  

5) Find a Champion - Look for a mentor or a sponsor who will help you understand senior management’s priorities and their decision-making processes. Focus on results and making worthwhile progress in your work. Learn how to communicate results effectively and make them relatable to management’s priorities.

Watch On-Demand: From the Business Analyst to the Boardroom 

6) Build your Network -This is obvious but I have to say it.  Stay in touch with your network instead of only reaching out when you want something. Industry events are a great way to connect either virtually or in-person. You’ll learn new things, share ideas, and connect with other professionals. Check the listing of upcoming webinars and events to see what’s happening in your profession. 

Create a Thriving Business Analysis Career

The best way to grow your business analysis career is to access the resources mentioned earlier, to take control of your career. Individual membership provides the community, network, resources, and information you need to manage and advance your career.     

Interested in bmore career development resources?

IIBA's Career Development Summary Report provides insights on how certification lends itself to career development plus information on emerging areas of business analysis where savvy professionals can make an impact in 2022.

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