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4 Trends in Certification That Can Help You Find Your Next Career Advancement Opportunity

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Finding your next career advancement opportunity can be difficult, and COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the economy and the way we work across all industries. As of late June, the International Monetary Fund reported that 10.4% of Americans were out of work, with much of Europe and North America seeing a similar rise in 2020 unemployment rates from 2019.* However, BBC News reported that LinkedIn hiring rates have increased as prevention measures eased in France and China:* although promising, at the time, the second wave in many countries has prompted an unknowable future of economies worldwide.

4 Trends in Certification That Can Help You Find Your Next Career Advancement Opportunity


Why Getting Certified Helps You and Your (Prospective) Employer

How can you adapt to the current situation, while advancing your career towards an unknowable future? From remote work, to stronger domestic supply chains, the disruptions to the economy have made career planning difficult, no matter your industry.

How do you adjust as a business analysis professional to the lasting changes in the business sector? According to the 2020 IIBA Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, from finding a new job to upskilling with your current employer, here are four trends that show how certifications can help move your career forward.

 #1: Certifications can bolster your salary.

Bolster Your Salary

Probably the most common question asked about certifications is: does certification help improve my salary? The 2020 Salary Survey Report found a positive relationship between certifications and your salary as a business analysis professional.

 #2: Confidence is key.

Benefits of Certification

Sometimes, it’s not about the hard skills you’ve gained, but the confidence earned. When you have a certification, you have the distinction after your name to say to the world: I have the skills, competence, and the know-how. Plus, with IIBA’s digital badging, your certification isn’t just a piece of paper:

“With digital badging employers can verify your credentials and they can check what skills and knowledge you need to obtain and maintain them. It validates your accomplishments,” said Suzanne Bertschi, Director, Global Certifications and Programs for International Institute of Business Analysis.** It can change your career, especially with the rapid changes to the hiring process during COVID-19.

 #3: Specializations like Agile make a difference

AAC Certification

Agile has been on the rise in business analysis for a while now, but this eye-popping trend shows you can earn more as a specialized business analysis professional (this relates to trend #4). The point is that advances in technology and changes in the way we work – especially in 2020 – have changed the value of specializations like Agile and Business Data Analytics. Isabel Feher-Watters, Certifications Program Manager, IIBA, has written a great article about why pursuing certification right now, particularly around specializations, have become more important to employers.

It’s also important to highlight the success of agile initiatives that come from the valuable and specific detail-oriented work that BAs do: their capability to find the gaps, while addressing issues in an Agile way is invaluable. You can read more on the value of a BA in an Agile environment here.

#4: Getting certified can help your employer in adapting to the new economy

Skill Investment

In a new survey from McKinsey, “Capability building is more valuable during the pandemic than ever.” ^ What does this mean for you as a (prospective) employee in business analysis? Upskilling is a natural part of how you are more valuable to your employer currently and showing that you are a life-long learner is an important part of the hiring process. If you’re unsure how to start this conversation with your boss, I’d point you towards our materials on why business analysis is valuable to your company.

Despite an extremely rocky year, there’s a lot of positive trends in business analysis that has only been accelerated because of COVID-19, especially regarding certification. I think there’s something to be learned from that as a business analysis professional: BAs are imbibed with this amazing ability to enable change and pivot an unknowable future into manageable transformation. So, let’s use that gene to help businesses (as an employee or as a contractor) in this new economy.




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