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4 Education Trends to Watch in 2022

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To stay relevant in today’s job market one must always be learning. The World Economic Forum predicts 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025. It’s no secret that the world has changed since the beginning of the pandemic: hybrid and remote workplaces are here to stay, and the foundational way we collaborate and help our organizations succeed continues to change.    


To stay relevant in today’s job market business analysis professionals are upskilling.


In response to this growing need, many business analysis professionals are upskilling. Within the next five years, the World Economic Forum says critical thinking and problem-solving will top the list of skills employers want. 

1) Upskilling is on the Rise 

It’s important for organizations to support their changing needs, especially since the pandemic. This shift encourages companies to promote continuous learning more, and more.

2) How we Learn is Changing 


Business analysis skills are in high demand in organizations, but how upskilling looks has changed in the past year with the pandemic. Learning and growing as a professional aren’t limited to the physical classroom anymore. To take this one step further, it could change how employers are approaching professional development according to Jamie Toyne from Medium, with more innovative and comprehensive ways of growing their talent

3) Certifications Help You Increase Your Salary 


For those just starting out in business analysis, IIBA certifications help you get your foot in the door, preparing you for the workforce with expertise and key competencies. It helps you stand out against other candidates. For the more advanced business analysis professional, certifications can help show how you can use business analysis in a flexible way.

4) Craft Your Career to Find Better Satisfaction 

It can be difficult figuring out what the next step is in your career and being fulfilled in your professional life. One key finding from our GSBA report was that 15% of respondents considered one of the greatest benefits of certification to be the greater fulfillment at work.  

In our recent webinar, The Global State of Business Analysis in 2021: A Year in Review, one key finding was the idea of 'job crafting' where professionals are using the foundational skills of business analysis and turning it into the next thing, they are passionate about like product ownership and cybersecurity. 


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