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3 Ways Business Analysis Professionals Help Organizations Transform to the Digital World

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The digital landscape is changing. It has been in a constant state of change for decades, but the pandemic has elicited quicker change than ever. In October 2020, McKinsey & Company reported that COVID-19 had sped up the adoption of digital technologies (i.e., digital transformation) by several years. Many companies have been forced to go digital, communicating with customers through digital channels. To do this, they have implemented new technologies.  

Business analysis professionals enable companies to impact the digital world. Here’s how.


1. Business Analysis Professionals Help Companies Keep Up with Digital Transformation 

Business analysis professionals are helping companies cope with today’s accelerated rate of digital transformation, and thrive in spite of it.

“In the digital transformation process, business analysts are the main drivers of innovations,” the article The Role of Business Analyst in Digital Transformation stated. “Business analysts...engage with end users, business owners, and product managers to determine how data-driven changes to processes, services, products, hardware, and software can add value and improve efficiencies. They must explore those ideas and evaluate them against what’s functionally flexible, technologically attainable, and financially beneficial.”

By working with a business analysis professional, companies can successfully adapt to the current, quick rate of digital transformation. Additionally, those who practice business analysis are helping organizations transform the digital world. 

2. Business Analysts Help Tech Companies Design Products that Facilitate Digital Transformation  

McKinsey & Company said that there was about a seven-year increase in the rate at which organizations are developing products and services that drive digital transformation. Business analysis professionals have the skills to help technology companies create products that will impact the digital world. For example, those who practice analysis often help technology companies make use of pertinent data for the purpose of creating better products. This is why it’s vital that technology companies make space for a business analysis professional on their product development team.  

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Per LucidChart, when supporting product development roles, a business analysis professional:  

  • Gathers information 
  • Interprets data 
  • Acts as an intermediary 
  • Defines goals and objectives 
  • Identifies options 
  • Defines project requirements and specifications 
  • Supports implementation 
  • Defines the project scope and timeline 

By supporting product development roles in these specific ways, business analysis professionals help to ensure better business outcomes. A key business outcome for technology companies is the development of products that facilitate digital transformation and transform the digital world itself.

3. Analysts Support Companies Implementing New Technologies, as Well as Companies That Create New Technologies  

The digital landscape will never be the same as it was prior to the pandemic. COVID-19 not only sped up the rate of digital transformation, but also changed companies’ technology needs. Business analysis professionals help companies cope with the new, faster rate of digital transformation. They also enable technology companies to create products and services that will serve organizations across all sectors during this time of intense digital change.

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