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3 Tips to Make Your Business Analysis Practice More Effective

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Business analysis professionals are often looking for ways to be better at what they do. By taking steps to make their business analysis practice more effective, they simultaneously make themselves more valuable to employers. This can increase job security and, most importantly, ensure they meet the needs of their employers and clients in uncertain economic times.

Ready to take your business analysis practice to the next level? If so, give these tips a try.


3 Tips for Becoming a Better Business Analysis Professional

Ready to make your business analysis practice more effective than ever? If so, try implementing at least one of these three simple tips:

1. Seek New Technical Skills 

Advanced business analysis skills separate good Business Analysts from great Business Analysts. Many of these skills are learned on the job. Others are gleaned from books, webinars, or podcasts. Some are derived from continuing education, such as online courses in business analysis skills and professional business analysis certifications.

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Wondering which skills you should pursue in the next few months? Consider some of the top technical skills employers are looking for in business analysis professionals:

  • Programming languages
  • Data visualization
  • Database proficiency
  • Software development

Additionally, data analysis skills are critical to the success of business analysis professionals.

2. Get Credentials that Prove Your Expertise

It’s not enough to upskill yourself. At some point, you should also prove those skills. This is essential if you want to get paid what you are worth and ensure employers are totally confident in your abilities as a business analysis professional. According to IIBA’s 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, Business Analysts who hold at least one certification earn 13% more than those non-certified.

The best way to prove your skills is to seek a professional business analysis certification. These certifications add weight to your resume and help employers see that you have expertise in a specific area.

When seeking a business analysis certification for the purpose of proving your expertise, opt for a designation that represents your skill set. For example, if you are proficient in cybersecurity analysis, consider IIBA’s Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis

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3. Brush-up on Soft Skills

For the business analysis professional, soft skills are just as important as technical skills. A contributor to Rider University stated,

“Strong communication, presentation, critical thinking and organizational competencies are considered fundamental for those in business analyst roles. Business analysts communicate with diverse groups of stakeholders who have varying levels of familiarity with technology. They need to be able to explain complicated concepts in readily understandable terms, while still mastering details and demonstrating subject matter expertise.”

The BA Times said skills such as negotiation, meeting management, conflict resolution, listening, and communication are important for those who practice business analysis. You can get the soft skills you need through online learning courses, as well as through work experience and media, such as books, blog posts, and articles. 

Choose the Right Business Analysis Certification for You

You can improve your business analysis practice by getting a business analysis certification in your area of interest or expertise. A few of the certifications IIBA offers include:

Curious about IIBA’s other certifications? Take a look at this.

If you aren’t sure which certification to start with, you can’t go wrong with IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis or explore the 4 Steps to Business Analysis Certification.



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