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3 Tips for Navigating Barriers at Work

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With some simple tips and planning, you can navigate any barrier you will encounter in the workplace. Keep reading to find out what common challenges are facing business analysis professionals at work and what ways you can influence change in your organization’s work culture.   

Running into barriers in the workplace as a business analysis pro? You’re not alone. Here’s how to navigate common challenges.


Respondents to the 2021 IIBA Global State of Business Analysis Survey reported that the most significant barriers in their roles are: 

  • A lack of understanding of the role of business analysis  
  • Being excluded from the decision-making process  
  • Explaining business analysis to others  
  • A lack of support from other lines of business (departments/teams) 
  • Their recommendations not being used by decision-makers 
  • Lack of management support 
  • Lack of clear questions to answer

Do you experience any of these challenges as a business analysis professional? By implementing three tips, you can effectively navigate these barriers.  
Here are a few ways you can overcome workplace challenges:

1) Bring organizational awareness to the benefits of business analysis - Organizational leaders are not always aware of the benefits of business analysis. This can result in a myriad of workplace barriers for analysis professionals. Making these individuals aware of the benefits of business analysis can help make your experience in the workplace easier.  
Bringing awareness to the benefits of business analysis could look like having individual conversations with key decision-makers, creating infographics to share with department leaders, or presenting on the benefits of business analysis via web conferencing. Working alongside other business analysis professionals to create presentations and bring awareness to the benefits of business analysis will make this process easier and more fulfilling.

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2) Become more visible in your workplace - Have you ever noticed that business analysis professionals tend to stay in the background? This isn’t always the case, but often business analysis professionals don’t bring attention to themselves or the value they are adding to the organization as they expect the results they create to speak for themselves. This mindset can lower your visibility in the workplace, which can cause problems for you.  
To become more visible to organizational leaders, point out when you and your team have solved a business problem. Tell decision-makers when your team or your business analysis practice has directly benefited their organization. You could also literally make your work visible by creating more graphics. These can be shown to company leaders who are curious about business analysis and the work you and your team are doing.

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3) Nurture your business analysis community - In order for a business analysis community within an organization to thrive, it must be nurtured. If it is neglected, collaboration will be more difficult and the company’s ROI for business analysis may not be as good as it could be.  
Advocating for your business analysis community is one way to nurture it. By bringing organizational awareness to the benefits of business analysis and becoming more visible in your workplace, you are advocating for your BA community. You can also talk to company leaders about making your organization an IIBA Corporate Member.

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As we transition from a pandemic to an endemic, this year may bring challenges at work, but with planning and a willingness to advocate for yourself and your team, you can overcome them.  

The IIBA Corporate Program is beneficial to both organizations and business analysis communities within them. It provides the support and resources your company needs to build business analysis capabilities and promote professional development and growth. This helps to ensure better business results and nurtures business analysis communities.  

Advance Business Analysis Capability

Corporate Program membership shows your team that you’re committed to the growth of their careers and improving business outcomes.


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