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3 Tips for Getting Certified: Ideas for Business Analysis Professionals    

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Ready to earn a business analysis certification? Here are some tips for getting certified quickly.

Earning certifications and certificates is an effective way to prove to employers that you are a passionate and competent business analysis professional. There are also a myriad of benefits to getting certified, both for the company and the business analysis professional. A few of the benefits to the individual getting certified. include: 

  • Higher competency in the principles and practices of business analysis 
  • Participation in a recognized professional group 
  • Better job fulfillment, confidence at work, and chances of landing a promotion 
  • Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management 
  • Advanced career potential due to recognition as a professional business analysis practitioner 
  • Improvement of overall performance, wider market opportunities 
  • Better pay (the average global salary of certified business analysis professionals is $90,421 USD*)

Because of these benefits, 92%* of business analysis professionals recommend certification to support career development.  
Organizations also benefit from business analysis professionals getting certified. When a practitioner becomes certified, it demonstrates to stakeholders that the business is committed to the professional development of its workforce and identifies business analysis professionals to clients and business partners.

3 Tips for Getting Certified: How to Prepare for a Business Analysis Certification 

There are 4 steps to getting a business analysis certification. They include choosing your business analysis certification, learning about your certification exam, preparing for your exam using training and learning resources, and registering for and taking your exam. Here are some additional tips for getting certified that can make the process easier:

1) Find a professional contact who has the certification you want

Is there someone in your network who has the certification you are pursuing? If so, contact them and seek to make a stronger connection. Consider asking for a brief phone call or video chat to ask them questions about the exam and the business analysis certification in general. If you don’t know anyone who holds the certification you want, do a LinkedIn search, and add them to your network. Having someone like this in your network can be very helpful as you prepare for your exam. Also, this type of contact can help you understand how to get the most from the certification once you have it.

2) See what other professionals are saying

Online forums are not professional networks by any means, but they can hold value for a business analysis professional who wants to get certified. Many test-takers post about their experience and could tip you off to a section of the exam that is particularly challenging and may need additional preparation. These individuals also may post helpful ideas for effectively studying for an exam. You’ll likely need to look past a few nay-sayers or negative comments from those who have been unsuccessful in getting certified, but there is the potential to find a lot of valuable advice. 

3) Enlist the support of others, including peers 

Getting a professional business analysis certification can require a significant investment of time. If your family members are on board with your plan for getting certified, the process will go more smoothly. Discuss in advance when you will need quiet time for study, or if you plan to travel to an in-person training event. To get your support system’s buy-in, share the personal benefits of certification listed earlier. Also, letting your coworkers know that you are pursuing continued training can be helpful. When you have people supporting you, you are more likely to succeed, so be sure to involve those closest to you in your certification journey.

Wondering what business analysis certifications IIBA offers? Here is a complete list.


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Source: 2021 IIBA Global State of Business Analysis Report 


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